Inherit the Wind: Murphy's Executive Order Could Revive Energy Sector

Trying to energize a dormant offshore wind program, Gov. Phil Murphy yesterday signed an executive order telling a state agency to do what it was supposed to do seven years ago. The order directs the state Board of Public Utilities to write regulations governing how utility customers will subsidize an effort to develop 3,500 megawatts of…

Opinion: The 5 Coolest Tech Companies in New Jersey

While, the tech industry today is an ever-growing community that spans across the continent and beyond, New Jersey is not to be discounted as an area full of burgeoning tech companies specializing in a range of fields, from digital marketing to fintech.

5 Mistakes Tech Entrepreneurs Make That Cost Them Equity

I’ve spoken with many entrepreneurs and one thing that keeps them up at night is the mistake that costs him or her equity. We’ve come across quite a few of these with our clients. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and foresight, you can avoid making them. Knowing what those mistakes are and how to fix them could be the difference between burnout and payout.

What I Learned as an Intern at Bond Andiola & Company, a Tech-Enabled Accounting Firm

Have you ever wondered how technology is currently changing the way businesses operate? Well, I have had the opportunity to experience this first-hand during my internship at Bond Andiola & Company (Flemington),  a tech-enabled accounting firm that beats ordinary traditional accounting firms when it comes to bookkeeping, invoicing, etc.

How to Recharge Your Personal Online Brand in 2018

Today almost everyone involved in business—whether it’s in a career, as a business owner or in a volunteer capacity—understands the importance of having a digital “footprint” or an online brand in order to be taken seriously as a professional. While many of you already have an online presence, you might not be getting the most out of its potential networking power. Some, on the other hand, are at a loss for how to even get started.

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