NJ Tech Must Own the Clean Technology and Sustainability Revolution


The Garden State is fertile ground for the sustainable development revolution, with a long history as a leader in both solar energy and environmentalism. The push for clean technology and sustainable development is about to take off, with the United Nations officially establishing the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are set to run from 2015 - 2030. Over the next several years, the SDGs are going to create incredible business opportunities that we haven’t seen in decades.

Tech Biz Tips--Business Planning

The popular Shark Tank reality show on TV highlights the lack of business acumen of many entrepreneurs who appear before the Sharks looking for an investment in their entrepreneurial idea.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: How to improve traffic and engagement on your social media platforms in 2017 (Part 1)

It’s the first question Tech company communicators and marketers ask: “How do I get more followers on our company social media sites and drive engagement so they see our stuff and remember our brand?”

Digging into the Problem of Electronic-Waste Recycling


With electronic waste piling up around the state, lawmakers gave final approval yesterday to a bill that would overhaul a recycling program designed to safely dispose of old TVs, computers, and other equipment. By a 60-12 vote, the legislation (S-981) advanced to the governor's desk, where it faces an uncertain future. A similar bill was pocket…

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Resurgent in New Jersey


It's almost become an adage: New Jersey was once the center of innovation in the country but no longer. That title is now held by California, or Massachusetts, or New York, or even Washington. But recently, funding, professional support, and office space for entrepreneurs have been springing up all over the state - for those who…

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