Sponsored Post: Tech Companies: How Do You Select A NJ Small Business Insurance Broker?

In this Sponsored Post, Greg Colen of Ultimate Benefits, LLC advises small NJ technology companies to choose their insurance broker wisely. He suggests that brokers should be independent of any one insurance carrier and be focused on employee benefits so they can recommend programs that will help companies retain and attract the best employees.

No-Brainer for Tech Startups. Participate in People to Business Talent Network Meetup

NJTechWeekly.com urges tech startups to apply to the People2Business Talent Network Meetup April 25 from 2PM to 6PM where they can be matched with volunteers who have skill sets they need. The event is funded by a grant and costs nothing to participating companies. Volunteers and startups register in advance and are pre-matched to each other. Last year many startups could choose from multiple candidates.

Come Out and Support Newark Tech Week!

Newark Tech Week started last night with a terrific talk by serial tech entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz author of the Pumpkin Plan. It continues today with TEDxNJIT. Other events will follow, including a policy discussion among community leaders and a hackathon. NJTechWeekly urges those in the area to become involved in Newark Tech Week.

Opinion: Come Out and Support Hoboken MakerBar and STEM

The New Jersey tech community should support the maker/hacker space community. These places help develop practical knowledge of Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing a venue where people can work with tools and techniques ranging from electronics to 3D printing. Hoboken MakerBar is in the process of becoming a non-profit organization and is holding a fund raiser March 27 at 7PM to help it reach this goal.

A Season of Extraordinary Tech Startup Activity Continues in NJ

Winter has been a season of extraordinary tech startup and pre-startup activity in New Jersey with Hackathons, venture events, poster sessions, gamathons, demo days and other events enriching the tech ecosystem around the state.

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