Jersey Cool - Tech Meetup in Hoboken, NJ

Slade Kobran, a strategic marketing executive, attended his first NJ Tech Meetup recently, and these are some of the lessons he learned.

Opinion: Will They All Leave New Jersey? Should They? Will They Come Back? attended several demo days recently and had a chance to talk to the young entrepreneurs showing off their startup ideas. As we spoke to these companies, we had the idea that many of them will not be staying in N.J. We want to keep them here.

NJ’s Business Incubators: Tremendous Resource for Tech, Clean-Energy Startup Companies is providing a list of business incubators that house tech, digital tech, medical tech and green energy companies. These business incubators can be tremendous resources for tech startups, and many young companies are unaware of these New Jersey facilities and resources.

Things I Learned Pitching at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

Kirsten Bischoff, co-founder of, a social network for families, discusses lessons learned from a trip to TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. Some of these directly involved startup mechanics like how to answer the question "what problem are you solving?" but others involve practical matters. We think this is valuable information.

A Proliferation of Tech Meetups in N.J. Creates the Primordial Startup Soup

We are seeing growth in the tech ecosystem in N.J., and evidence of this comes from the recent proliferation of Meetup groups dotting the state.

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