New Jersey companies join to make information and communication technologies greener

On January 16, representatives from companies and universities gathered at Bell Labs in Murray Hill for the first Jersey Green ICT summit. The event aimed to bring together participants contributing to the greening of the information and communications tech industry.

Contributing Without Coding With Zach Goodman of Unlockable

At a BrickCity Tech Meetup  December 4, 2012, Zach Goodman gave a class on Being a Non-Tech Cofounder which many found very helpful.

Lessons Learned from Lehigh Valley Startup Weekend! It May Have Changed the Direction of My Life presents an opinion post from Colleen LaRose, a Holland Township, N.J.- based would-be startup entrepreneur with experience in workforce development. LaRose, who started the North East Regional Employment and Training Association group on LinkedIn, decided to try a Startup Weekend. She wasn’t sure what to expect. What she received was a valuable experience and perhaps the key to start a new business.

Entrepreneurs Can Learn Lessons From Those with Successful Exits: UBS

In this sponsored post, Daniel Barrett of UBS Financial Services discusses an event that focused on entrepreneurs who have been through the process of buying and selling a company.

Tech Companies Should Offer Benefits Early in Their Life Cycles

In this sponsored post, Greg Colen of Ultimate Benefits LLC tells tech startups to consider offering benefits early in their life cycles.

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