If You Qualify, Take Advantage of Rutgers Entrepreneurship Program By Feb. 10

Readers of NJTechWeekly.com have been asking us via Twitter to investigate a program being offered by Rutgers University that appears to provide free entrepreneurship training worth $8,000. We spoke to William Bigoness, executive director of the Rutgers Center for Management Development, and Debbie McDermott who is administering the program, to find out more about what is going on.

NJ Tech Weekly Opinion Section Launches

Welcome to New Jersey Tech Weekly's Opinion section, where you'll find a blog about tech in N.J. written by the editor, Esther Surden, as well as some opinions from other stakeholders and members of the community.

When we launched New Jersey Tech Weekly, we wanted to see if we could start a dialog about making tech big in the Garden State.  This Opinion blog, similar to the editorial page in a newspaper, is another way for us to achieve our goal.

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