Sponsored Post: NJ EDA's New CoVest Fund Makes Sense for Startups Seeking Funds to Bridge from Product Development to Commercialization

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) continues to innovate and create new mechanisms and programs to support the tech, tech-enabled and life science entrepreneurs, inventors and enterprises so critical to the state and surrounding region.

Opinion: As a Wellness Option, NJ Tech Companies Could Consider Biohacking

What New Jersey technology employer wouldn’t want employees who are focused, cool warriors by day and get restful, restorative sleep at night?  Protecting health and preventing disease to optimize performance in both professional and personal lives: This is the goal of biohacking.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: How to Use Your Company Videos to Improve Customer Engagement

Videos are all the rage. They are now easier than ever to produce, and you can even use your Smartphone to film on the spot. There are many uses for a video in business—from filming a customer testimonial to talking about a service, hot topics, product demos and more. But once you’ve got them produced, what do you do with them?

Get Ready! Propelify (Formerly Propeller) is on Its Way and It Promises to Be Bigger and Better

Let’s face it. Last year we weren’t sure if Aaron Price could pull it off. He had a vision for a big regional tech festival to be held on a pier on the waterfront in Hoboken. It would draw folks from all over the Northeast to listen to tech-entrepreneur speakers, watch drone races, participate in virtual reality experiences and meet prospective employers and each other. And he — along with a hundred volunteers — made it happen. Last year almost 8,000 people showed up.

Tech Biz Tips: Self-Discipline for Tech Entrepreneurs

Everybody wants to achieve financial independence, be fit and trim and spend more time with our families. This is the fundamental wish list we all have. But most people are not willing to invest in the self-discipline needed to achieve these goals.

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