Opinion: NJ Tech Council’s “Jersey Innovation Week” Good for the Tech Ecosystem

“Jersey Innovation Week” is a celebration of the state’s technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Created by the NJ Tech Council, the week includes a number of events that could energize the tech and entrepreneurial community in New Jersey.

Is N.J.'s $775M investment in Rutgers University paying off? | Opinion

Opinion By James W. Hughes. The current year's state budget of $34.5 billion includes $2.2 billion for higher education -- and of that, about $775 million for Rutgers. Is New Jersey's investment in its state university paying off? Yes, handsomely. According to a new report by the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, every…

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: What Are #Hashtags and Why Do They Matter for My Tech Business?

#Hashtags. They’re all over social media. Why is everyone using them? What can they do for you?  First, a hashtag is a word or group of words preceded by a # that represents a topic that you post on social media. Its purpose is to help users search topics of interest on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

Sponsored Post: NJ EDA's New CoVest Fund Makes Sense for Startups Seeking Funds to Bridge from Product Development to Commercialization

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) continues to innovate and create new mechanisms and programs to support the tech, tech-enabled and life science entrepreneurs, inventors and enterprises so critical to the state and surrounding region.

Opinion: As a Wellness Option, NJ Tech Companies Could Consider Biohacking

What New Jersey technology employer wouldn’t want employees who are focused, cool warriors by day and get restful, restorative sleep at night?  Protecting health and preventing disease to optimize performance in both professional and personal lives: This is the goal of biohacking.

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