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If you are interested in advertising your business or organization on our website, please contact us at We are offering a variety of options for web advertising.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to begin the process of getting your business in front of our website viewers. Ad Rates as of  July 2015


Setup fees: $75 for each ad and for any changes.


A. $200 / Month Banner Ad: 728w X90h; Appears on all pages of the website. Rotates 1/3 of the time with other ads.Terms: Prepay 3 month minimum

B. $100/Month Side Ad: 300w X250h; Appears on all pages of the website.Rotates 1/3 of the time with other ads. Terms: Prepay 3 month minimum

C. $75/Month Side Ad: 180w X 315h; Appears on allpages of thewebsite.Rotates 1/3 of the time with other ads. Terms: Prepay 3 Month minimum

D. $20/Month Logo Ad:180w X50h; Appears on allpages of thewebsite.Can rotate 1/3 ofthe time with other ads. Terms: Prepay 3 month minimum

E. $20/Month Around New Jersey side ad. 120 w by 240h. Appears ononly the front page of the website. Rotates 1/3 of thetime with other Ads. Terms: Prepa3 month minimum

F. $50/Month Article Page Only Side Ad Top Position. 300w X 250h. Rotates 1/3 of the time with otherAds. Terms: Prepa3 month minimum

G. $45/Month Article Page Only Side Ad Bottom Position. 300w X 250h. Rotates 1/3 of the time with otherAds. Terms: Prepay 3 month min.




We also offeSponsorePosts that appear in our Opinion Section. Posts cost $150/piece for a limited time and are between 500 and 700 words, labeled as Sponsored Posts. Theare not PR pieces but substantive articles produced by sponsors. An example of a  sponsored post is: SAFEs: Not For Everyone, But They Don’t Try To Be: SPONSORED POST


 Packages of a series of posts are available upon request

Newsletter: also produces a weeklnewsletter 46 times a year. We are currently looking for sponsors for the newsletter at a cost of $300/month, 460w by 120h pixels, prepaid for three months, as we build audience for the newsletter. Your advertisement will bei ncluded at the top of each issue. We have a secondary opportunitfor advertising in the middle of the newsletter for $100/month.




We would characteriz50% of our audiencas tech developers, coders, tech startup founders, and members of the industries that serve them: VCs, angels, lawyers,accountants, consultants, benefits providers,educators. The other 50% work in tech/telecom/bigdata at largcompanies and are IT managers, CIOs, CEOs, cloud developers etc. We have approximately 5000 website readers each month with about 6000 page views. There are about 1000 subscribers to the newsletter.

Please Contact:

Esther Surden, publisher
E. Surden Associates LLC
Phone: 973-403-0552

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