Doceree Raises $11 Million; Stracquatanio, Apprentice Cofounder, At Innovation+

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Harshit Jain, founder and CEO of Doceree | Courtesy Doceree
  • Doceree (Parsippany), which offers a platform powered by artificial intelligence, to enable life science marketers to target healthcare professionals during decision-making moments, raised $11 million, the company announced this week.
  • Eight Roads Ventures (Boston), a global investment firm backed by Fidelity (Boston) was the lead investor.
  • F-Prime Capital (Cambridge, Mass.) and Alkemi Growth Capital (New Delhi, India) also participated in the round.
  • The company was founded by Harshit Jain. a former physician who transitioned into the healthcare marketing space.

Angelo Stracquatanio At Innovation+

  • Angelo Stracquatanio, cofounder and CEO of Apprentice (Jersey City), spoke to James Barrood in an Innovation+ Entrepreneur Chat on Friday.
  • The company grew quickly during the pandemic as demand for its pharma manufacturing software exploded.
  • Apprentice employed 18 people going into the pandemic, and now employs 200.
  • The startup recently raised $100 million in a Series C round, led by new investor Alkeon Capital Management (New York).
  • Stracquatanio noted that his biggest hurdle was gaining the trust of his future customers, and he said he had worked on this for four years before anything happened.
  • His advice to others facing a rapid ramp-up? “Alignment is fundamental to the success and health of the organization.”
  • He believes that by using an “objectives and key results” goal-setting methodology, companies can achieve alignment and success.
  • Stacquantanio also attributed his success in getting through this “wild ride” to guidance from a CEO coach recommended to him by his first investor.

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