Entrepreneurs Hold One-on-One Sessions with Angels at NJEN Gathering


At the New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network‘s (NJEN) Gathering of Angels, held at the Princeton Marriott Conference Center on June 6, 2012, 21 entrepreneurs set up posters to impress 11 angels, angel groups and tech accelerators.

The poster presentations were similar to those displayed for scientific discoveries, containing basic company information with the discovery or product presented visually.

According to Lou Wagman, president of NJEN, the posters and reverse venture fair format are a unique attribute of this yearly event.

After an informative luncheon session — during which the angels introduced themselves and gave advice — each took his or her place at a table, where the entrepreneurs were invited to sit and speak with those they were interested in meeting.

At the poster session, NJTechWeekly.com visited with some companies we’d featured before, such as Hatchedit.com (Westfield) and MedSonics US (Newark), and spoke with several we hadn’t.

Craig Adams of Li Creative Technologies (Florham Park) discussed his company’s audio technology, which can improve audio conferencing in large rooms with multiple speakers and background noise.

The firm offers desktop environment solutions and “a microphone solution for smartphone and tablet manufacturers as well. It will provide much better voice quality” for video calls in environments like crowded conferences and train stations, Adams said.

Housingpathway.com (Princeton), a real estate site that has not yet launched, expects to compete with Zillow and Trulia. By combining new information with public records and MLS data, it will empower consumers with market intelligence that brings buyers and sellers closer to a deal, says founder Drew Cifrodelli.

The site will provide three-way matching among housing assistance programs, individuals’ personal financial data and the street address, to tell consumers whether they qualify for one or many of the affordable housing programs offered by government and nonprofit organizations. Users will be able to shop for homes by payment amount, since the site will predict the monthly cost of ownership, all inclusive.

In addition, mortgage note stakeholders (HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, buyers, sellers, appraisers, investors and banks) want to know if they are making transactions at the right price for current market conditions. Housingpathway.com’s Cifrodelli said the company has developed a real-time algorithm for estimating a home’s market value with a high level of confidence.

Film Armada, a woman-owned site launching this summer, will bring film festivals and other curated short films to the Web, N.J. native Christina Villa told us. The startup’s Web page calls the company “a bi-annual digital film festival, a film-loving grassroots community and a free, curated, Internet distribution channel. We are dedicated to showcasing quality work, building filmmaker followings and helping innovation find the audience and profit it deserves.”

In the “green tech” arena, Sentinel Photonics (Monmouth Junction) is seeking funding for a product to replace huge environmental trailers with much smaller sensors (about the size of a laptop) that can stay outdoors under all conditions and provide the right sensitivities to detect air pollution and greenhouse gases.

President Stephen So told NJTechWeekly.com the sensor will be of interest to the automotive industry, for example, because it has regulatory limits it must meet. Other applications include industrial air pollution monitoring and climate research. The company has already received grant money from the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency. “We have some outstanding orders from an automotive analyzer company” for emissions monitors, So noted.

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