NJ-Connect Headlines for December, 2013 and January, 2014 : Billtrust, I. Predictus, Glowpoint and more

Photo: I.Predictus founder Monica C. Smith Photo Credit: iPredictus
I.Predictus founder Monica C. Smith | iPredictus

(NJTechWeekly.com publishes a roundup of selected, relevant stories that appeared on NJ-Connect, a website developed by the NJ-Connect Meetup group in Red Bank. The website aims to fulfill the same objectives of that group: raise awareness for technology companies and professionals in New Jersey and create a forum for those individuals and organizations to connect. These stories were published in December, 2013 and January, 2014.)

Billtrust Releases Invoice Gateway 7.0, an Electronic Invoice Program

Written by Megan Morreale  // December 9, 2013 

HAMILTON – Billtrust released the newest version of their electronic invoice program, Invoice Gateway 7.0, which is designed to drive higher B2B payments. “This release of Invoice Gateway is an important step in our overall product strategy,” Flint Lane, founder and CEO of Billtrust said. “It provides our clients with multiple best-in-breed channels to present invoices and promptly receive roundtrip payments.” More.

I.Predictus Offers Omni-Channel Data Analytics Platform

Written by Megan Morreale  // December 6, 2013 

PARISPPANY – I.Predictus is a startup company with a Big Data platform that allows direct response marketers to improve marketing ROI through detailed media spending evaluation and predictive modeling. Its omni-channel platform combines unstructured data points to shed light on the relationship between media airing and customer responses. More.

Glowpoint Releases Video Collaboration Support Packages

Written by Megan Morreale  //  December 16, 2013 

MURRAY HILL– Glowpoint, Inc. released a new business-class support package to serve the growing demand for secure video collaboration to help companies feel more protected in situations that involve video conferencing.

“Support is our industry’s ‘secret,” said Peter Holst, CEO of Glowpoint. “As video collaboration becomes more popular, many vendors and service providers lead you to believe that the need for support goes away. The exact opposite is true. As the demand for secure, enterprise-grade video collaboration increases and expands globally, the need for support increases and becomes more complex.” More.

Successful Crowd Funding Campaign for CurrantNOW, App Spreads Info During Disasters

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  January 6, 2014 

RIDGEWOOD – CurrantNOW is a new application, free for users, that was created after the chaos of Superstorm Sandy. Denise Spell, the app’s creator, wanted to create something to alert people of what’s going on in their neighborhoods when a disaster strikes. CurrantNOW’s Kickstarter campaign exceeded its $15,000 goal. More.

Fabrix Introduces Archiving for its Cloud Based DVR Software

Written by Megan Morreale  //  January 14, 2014 

PRINCETON – Fabrix Systems released version 3.3 of its software platform with several new application program interfaces (APIs) designed specifically for service providers.
The company specializes in enterprise-class integrated storage and computing platforms and allows this new version to access Infinite Archive, and industry benchmark network DVR (nDVR) feature. More.

SnapOne Cloud Platform Behind Launch of Personal and Data Security App

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  January 24, 2014

SnapOne recently announced its Russian language version of Snap Secure, known as Data Safe, for featured phone subscribers in Russia. Data Safe provides a range of protection and security for Android devices. SnapOne partnered with Beeline, the largest wireless operator in Eastern Europe, to expand Data Safe from Android devices to Java ME and Nokia S60 feature phones. More.

Moreix Creates a Market Place for Widgets and Plugins with Mutliple Web Platforms

Written by Megan Morreale  //  January 31, 2014 

Jersey City – Moreix, a startup company in Jersey City, is a form designer, widget maker and portal host. Their platforms provide easy to use small applications such as widgets and plugins to help users with day-to-day online activities. JQNova is the company’s most recent release, providing apps that are customizable for business, developers and web users. More.

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