NJ-Connect Headlines for July Featuring: Innovation Zones, Exigent, Checkpoint Systems, AvePoint, FlexWage, StrikeForce,and Kiva Newark

Photo: StrikeForce CEO Mark Kay. The company said it had received a second patent for its C.O.B.A.S. cyber security system. Photo Credit: StrikeForce
StrikeForce CEO Mark Kay. The company said it had received a second patent for its C.O.B.A.S. cyber security system. | StrikeForce

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New Jersey Business Tech Meets Innovation

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  July 16, 2013

NEW JERSEY – Tech meet ups gather monthly across the state, sustaining and promoting a culture of innovators. Innovation zones give New Jersey a competitive edge over neighboring states, with tax credits and other incentives for businesses. These tax credits encourage businesses to locate near colleges and universities in an effort where higher education can lend its research, facilities, and its brightest talent.

“One benefit of locating near a university is cross-collaboration on research. Two is the incentives [the state offers], and three is the talent pool,” said Kathleen Coviello, Director of Technology and Life Sciences for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA).

New Jersey has designated three zones, in Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark, as sites that the EDA will oversee and lease space to high-tech labs and companies near Rutgers University.

Exigent Technologies Provides Simpler Cloud Services for SMBs in New Jersey

Written by Megan Morreale  //  July 19, 2013  

Exigent Technologies, released TurnKey Cloud, a simpler and more affordable cloud service that will help small and midsize businesses adopt cloud computing solutions with confidence.

“Exigent is the easy button for us when it comes to IT,” says Dr. Michael Goldberg of Morris County NJ, an eight year customer of Exigent, “Before the ink dried on our new services contract, Exigent had our move to the cloud planned out and the execution has been flawless.”

[Ed. Note: Exigent is in Mount Arlington, NJ]

Checkpoint Systems Introduces a New Underfloor Security System for Retailers

Written by Megan Morreale  //  July 22, 2013  /

Checkpoint Systems, a leading global manufacturer in management solutions, released a new underfloor security system for retail businesses that require aesthetically-pleasing surveillance without compromising functionality and the customer experience, jewelry or luxury apparel stores.

Ideal for jewelry and luxury apparel stores, Evolve Exclusive F10 operates as an underfloor antenna so it’s invisible to customers. Notification systems can be personalized to each retail outlet, and include options such as an audible alarm, flashing lights, pager notifications and others.

“We designed this new ‘invisible’ solution by partnering with some luxury brands for whom creating a positive shopping experience for customers was as important as protecting their merchandise,” Farrokh Abadi, President and Chief Operating Officer said.

[Ed. Note: Checkpoint Systems is in Thorofare, NJ]

AvePoint’s New Service Pack Includes Better Backup and Recovery System

Written by Megan Morreale  //  July 24, 2013  

AvePoint released DocAve Online Service Pack 1, a cloud software solution for Microsoft SharePoint that now adds backup and recovery of Exchange Online data.

“Organizations look for the best and most complete solutions as they prepare to make their move to the cloud, specifically with Office 365,” George Petrou, Chief Technology Officer of AvePoint said. “The added capability of Exchange Online backup and recovery ensures organizations that their data in Exchange Online is secure and can be restored in the event of some type of loss.”

The new backup and recovery functionality offers businesses the capability to safeguard their organizational data. It also extends the product’s granular backup and restore capabilities to include Exchange Online data such as calendars, contacts, emails, tasks, and archived Microsoft Lync conversations.

[Ed. Note: AvePoint is in Jersey City, NJ]

FlexWage Offers New, Simplified Process for Payroll Cards

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  July 25, 2013

MOUNTAINSIDE – FlexWage gives financial access for unbanked and underserved populations, specifically with workers, employers, and their surrounding communities – but more recently, it has simplified payroll cards for small and medium sized businesses with the launch of its namesake payroll card.

“Our solution takes the pain and archaic application process out of the equation, permitting the employer to enter that data online, starting the compliance process in minutes and getting cards ordered immediately,” said Dennis Sullivan, Vice President of Product for FlexWage. 

StrikeForce Acquires Second Patent for C.O.B.A.S. Cyber Security System

Written by Megan Morreale  //  July 26, 2013

StrikeForce Technologies announced that it has received its second patent from the U.S. Patent Office, for “Multi-Channel Device Utilizing A Centralized Out-of-Band Authentication System,” better known as COBAS.

“Being awarded this our second patent for Out-of-Band Authentication is a huge win for StrikeForce,” Mark L. Kay, CEO said. “This is a game-changer because it significantly strengthens our position in a rapidly expanding marketplace, as well as our efforts to enforce out parents through licensing and litigation.”

The security platform splits pathways for mobile devices that carry usernames and authentication data, making the information less traceable and more secure.

[Ed. Note: StrikeForce Technologies is in Edison, NJ]

Booker Backs New Crowdfunding Initiative for Small Business Capital

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  July 30, 2013  

NEWARK – Kiva City Newark is a new crowdfunding initiative where entrepreneurs can find needed capital to start or expand their small businesses – Mayor Cory Booker, announced the crowdfunding effort earlier this month, where anyone who believes in small business growth can lend to an entrepreneur of their choice.

“Kiva City Newark gives everyone a chance to help support local jobs and businesses,” said Mayor Booker. “When you help to crowdfund a loan to a small business you are creating jobs in local communities, which in turn support another local business, and another. As small businesses grow and expand, local economies improve, helping to support schools, city services and more vibrant and sustainable communities.”

The crowdfunding site is the world’s premier and largest platform with “950,000 people crowdfunding 1 million entrepreneurs in 65 countries,” according to a press release from Technology-digital.com.

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