NJ Startup Takes on Groupon With a Twist

A  NJ startup called PeopleString is taking on Groupon and its competitors, with a unique twist its rivals don’t have. The company is calling its website PeopleDeals.  Put simply, the more PeopleDeal offers are shared, the more they are worth. So if someone likes a deal and signs up and then shares the deal on Facebook, Twitter or through text messages, the value of the deal is upped.

Unlike Groupon, PeopleString doesn’t go out and get unique restaurant deals for people. Instead, it allies with other coupon services to find the deals which it lists on its website.  You can find coupons from DoubleTakeDeals and Restaurant.com, among others.  The key is that these deals become worth more if users share them with others.

PeopleString has another business: a portal that lets users customize a home page. Active users get paid for surfing, shopping, and taking suveys. PeopleString is traded over the counter and is based in Red Bank NJ.  Its president and CEO is Darin M. Myman.

We contacted PeopleDeals to discuss this new venture and what it means to NJ, but so far have not received a call back.

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