Opinion: The 5 Coolest Tech Companies in New Jersey

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Rae Steinbach is a content writer at Tactical Digital. | Tactical Digital

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While, the tech industry today is an ever-growing community that spans across the continent and beyond, New Jersey is not to be discounted as an area full of burgeoning tech companies specializing in a range of fields, from digital marketing to fintech.

Here are the five New Jersey tech companies you need to know:

Wattvision – Princeton, NJ.

This young company’s aim is to build and develop sensors and software that empower people to save money and energy.

At Wattvision, they’ve developed and built a range of sensors that are able to track energy used through almost any utility meter (digital or analogue) or set of wires. The best thing about the company is their dedication to reducing energy consumption and making it easy for users to do so. In just one step, sensors can be connected to a meter and data is uploaded at 15 second intervals to the Wattvision cloud. Here it is stored for users to download in a number of different formats to visualize, analyze, or alert customers about their energy use.

Live energy-use data can be viewed for all the properties and sites where their sensors are installed. Information is able to be downloaded and even integrated to users’ own systems using their developer API. In this manner, Wattvision is enabling and empowering companies, organizations, families, and individuals to easily understand their energy use via web or mobile access.

Customers love them for their simple setup, and commercial bodies love them for the minimal cost and quick return on investment. Finally, developers love them for their real-time data API.

Learn more here:www.wattvision.com

PerformLine – Morristown, NJ

PerformLine specializes in automated compliance solutions to mitigate regulatory risk and enhance brand safety. Their automated compliance solutions have put PerformLine at the lead of RegTech companies in America.

The cloud-based platforms they’ve developed capacitate compliance functions backed with the intelligence, insights, and tools required to reduce risk across a number of consumer interaction channels. Be it web, voice, chat, or mobile, their clients are able to deliver products with confidence and transparency.

The great thing about PerformLine and the tech they have created is the new industry around marketing compliance monitoring that has sprung up alongside their business. Essentially, they are keeping consumers and brands safer because of their innovation.

Web-based tools such as Rule Engine and Speech Analytics keep businesses compliant and uncover the unknown in contact centers. Business Intelligence gives access to data and trend reports, while Workflows centralize compliance and remedial processes in an easy to use platform that is accessible from anywhere, courtesy of PerformLine’s cloud-based applications.

Learn more: https://performline.com

Yashi – Toms River, NJ

Yashi is a multi-award winning, location-focused video advertising platform which targets and optimizes mobile and web video advertising for businesses across America. They help thousands of websites monetize video content through video advertising by placing TV ads online and in front of video content.

Yashi is the first video ad tech company for local advertisers with custom-built tools for reporting, analytics, and targeting technologies geared specifically for local cable-TV advertisers. One of the most inspirational parts of this company is that founders Jay and Caitlin Gould started with just a small idea and worked tirelessly from their home, despite being told numerous times it wouldn’t work to bring it to small businesses across America.

Yashi have made the Inc. 5000 three years in a row, been awarded a place in the Red Herring Top 100, and also in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. In 2015, Yashi was acquired by Nexstar Broadcasting to introduce online video advertising as a marketing service to thousands more local TV advertisers across America.

Phone.com – Newark, NJ

Phone.com is a convenient, self-service, cloud-based, and affordable telecommunications platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs. They provide a suite of business-communication services to small businesses and entrepreneurs that were previously unavailable.

They believe the cornerstone of successful business is effective telecommunication services. Their cloud-based phone system easily adjusts to business needs and includes over 50 features that can be configured with the click of a button.

With open APIs, they allow for further customization from developers. Additionally, Phone.com have made excellent telecommunication services available to almost any sized business and can set up new clients within minutes – what’s not to like?

The Phone.com platform seamlessly connects all devices for a unified phone presence that is based on simply extraordinary common sense. 

Find out more here: www.phone.com

Inpensa – Edison, NJ

At Inpensa they’re changing the way executives decide on project investment with their award-winning data driven capabilities and SaaS Technology. Inpensa’s focus is on strategic project portfolio planning, analysis of ROI, and realization of benefits.

The unique approach of this young business solves the permeating problem across mid- to large organizations that spend millions or more on investments each year. The wealth of data pushes forward timely, informed decisions, which saves their clients millions on new investments. 

Inpensa is the better solution for managing the project investment lifecycle, which means no more spreadsheets and a smarter use of data. It is changing the way we’ll think about investments forevermore.

The purpose-built Enterprise Business Value Management suite includes significant capabilities that can be fully integrated or delivered independently, including Project Portfolio Strategic Planning, Business Case Management, and Tracking and Analytics.

You can learn more at their website: www.inpensa.com

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