Pa. Company Takes NJEF Fast Pitch Olympics Gold

At the Fast Pitch Olympics at New Jersey Entrepreneurs Forum last week, companies with digital health solutions seemed to dominate. njefbotti Winning the Gold Medal award was EMMA (Electronic Medication Management Assistant), a Class II, FDA-approved, in-home medical device that, via remote programming by a pharmacist, ensures that patients’ specific pill medications are delivered at the exact time prescribed by their doctor. The device was developed by InRange Systems, Inc. of Altoona, Pa.

The founder, Christopher E. Bossi, said that the appliance has saved the lives of returned military veterans who are on complex journeys to recovery and who may have to take many dangerous medications at the right time. Using the system can reduce adverse drug events, which occur when people take medications together or at the wrong time. In fact, he said, some 35 percent of all hospital readmissions are the result of patients taking medications at the wrong time or not at all. “We deliver dramatically better treatment results at less cost” and ”reduce medication delivery errors,” Bossi said. 

Honorable Mention awards went to three N.J. companies.  Bright Cloud International Corp., a Delaware corporation with offices in Highland Park, N.J., has developed a rehabilitation therapy technology that uses virtual reality and computer games to deliver virtual rewards for patients who achieve therapy goals.

Lab Automate Technologies, a Millburn, N.J. startup that has discovered a way to automate how new inhalable drugs are brought to market, also received honorable mention.

The only company out of the healthcare loop to win honorable mention was, created by Princeton-based Interactive Design & Solutions. The company makes local businesses’ content available on mobile devices.

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