Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Using your Email Digital Signature to Brand Yourself and Your Organization

Photo: Anita O'Malley Photo Credit: Courtesy Leadarati
Anita O'Malley | Courtesy Leadarati

Are you or your company members missing out on one of the most critical components of your brand? Time to make a more robust, meaningful email reply signature using the power of your other digital contact information. Using your email/mobile device signature to give your full online credentials, contact information and even logo can be a powerful tool for an organization.

First, get your employees on board with the initiative. Do this by putting a process in place that walks every member of the company on how to add a consistent and branded signature on all of their digital correspondence. The end result: it’s more professional, shows attention to detail and offers recipients a way to contact the sender easily and quickly.

LinkedIn Signature

LinkedIn offers every user of the platform a unique Public Profile URL. Note, the default signature is usually a mix of characters—not your name. But that’s easily resolvable by way of your LinkedIn settings located right on the gear icon next to the URL. Go in and change it to be your name.

Having a unique URL makes it easier for anyone with a web browser to do a simple copy and paste to find you—and adds another element of personal branding when added to one’s signature, resume, and so on.

Photo:  Photo Credit: Courtesy Anita O'Malley
Courtesy Anita O'Malley

Twitter Signature

To add a Twitter handle to your signature, just use the @ followed by your twitter handle, then hyperlink it to your Twitter account. No need to use the full URL in your signature. For example, with @njtechwkly, you would hyperlink it to your Twitter URL, which in this case is:

Photo:  Photo Credit: Courtesy Anita O'Malley
Courtesy Anita O'Malley

Company Logo

Adding a graphic with your company logo and even some branded information is a bonus. Matt has added his Twitter profile information as well.

Photo:  Photo Credit: Courtesy Anita O'Malley
Courtesy Anita O'Malley

Other Essential Links

Perhaps there is more to your signature. If you write a blog, for example, you may want to link to that as well. Here’s an example of how I add my NJTW blog link to my own signature.

Photo:  Photo Credit: Courtesy Anita O'Malley
Courtesy Anita O'Malley

No matter what, the key to the success of this initiative within an organization is consistency; everyone should be directed to use a consistent logo and signature type. Remember that if you can add this to your daily business activities, you’ll see a payoff in brand reach, professionalism and your ability to connect with the folks you communicate with on multiple platforms.

Special thanks to Matt B. who inspired this blog post when he asked how he could drive people to his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles through his email signature.

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