Westfield Board of Ed Talks About Technology Upgrades

In Westfield, the Board of Education November meeting focused on proposed technology upgrades, according to a story in the Alternative Press by Alexandria Addesso.

Chief Technology Officer of Westfield Schools, Brian Auker talked about the need to upgrade “access layer switches” which are ten years old. The switches enable the districts buildings’ IP telephones, computers and wireless devices, the article said.

“With more than 100 students already using tablets at WHS in the Bring Your Own Devices Pilot Programs, Auker emphasized the overwelming shift in the near future towards using such devices in classrooms,” the article continued.

The schools need new access points, particularly in classrooms, he added, and to add a wireless management system. Increases to the speed of their Internet connection is also anticipated, the article stated.

Westfield Board of Education Discusses Facilities and Technology

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