For 2020, API’s Will Change Everything in Healthcare Tech, TrialScope Exec Says

This year, as part of our end-of-year coverage, asked some New Jersey startups and established companies to look into their crystal balls and tell us what’s ahead for them in 2020.  

TrialScope (Jersey City) is a global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency-management technology, supporting 16 of the top 20 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide, the company says. According to this article, written by Mike Wenger, TrialScope vice president of patient engagement, API adoption will change everything for users and vendors of healthcare technology in 2020.

Long overdue, 2020 is the year of API adoption in healthtech. Healthcare technology’s early days primarily involved a company installing its closed solution in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Since then, the rest of the tech world has moved toward cloud-based solutions and open API platforms. Healthtech professionals agree that most cloud-based solutions are now more secure than local server solutions alone. And the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) supports the use of APIs, provided that API technology suppliers require third-party users to have a privacy policy in place.

This trend has been revolutionary, as it opens the door for vendor specialization and lowers the barrier to entry for innovative startups to quickly launch robust solutions. Stripe is the epitome of this: It allows every online business to solve PCI [payment card industry] compliance and credit card processing with a few lines of code.

Over the past seven years, electronic medical record companies followed suit. They turned their closed platforms into open marketplaces, allowing any healthcare technology company to integrate its solutions with patient health records. The past few years have seen high growth in highly specialized API services outside of EMR. Need to fulfill a subscription? Truepill has you covered. Need to look up a patient’s insurance eligibility? PokitDok has you covered. Looking to connect a patient to a clinical trial opportunity? TrialScope Connect has you covered.

Another trend in healthcare that cannot be overlooked, one that impacts technology as well, is the focus on patient-centricity and patient engagement. Organizations are investing in technology solutions that improve the patient experience. This opens the door for increased innovation and collaboration in the healthtech industry. As these API platforms proliferate and become easier to use in 2020, we are excited to see all the innovative solutions that developers come up with to positively impact patients’ lives.

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