Much Going On In NJ Tech In Last Month

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Catalyst Awards

  • Our friends who attended this year’s TechUnited:NJ Catalyst Awards told us that it was a great event in a beautiful setting at the Newark Museum.
  • Congratulations to all of those honored! You deserved it! William Swayze is preparing a story on the event which we plan to publish next week.

Startup Showdown

TechUnited:NJ’s Jasmine Hoffman led the most recent Startup Showdown | Screenshot by Esther Surden

  • Jasmine Hoffman, head of experience at TechUnited:NJ hosted another engaging Startup Showdown, this one about climate and energy technology.
  • First to pitch was Daniel Farb, founder and CEO, of Flower Turbines (Long Beach, N.Y.), a small wind turbine company billed as “the wind company you want to live next to.”
  • Next up was winner Jerah Siegal, founder of BioDome (Mount Laurel), who pitched his automated agricultural growth pods.
  • The pods will be placed on the roofs of luxury apartment buildings to provide fresh vegetables as an amenity for the tenants.

Founders & Funders

Founders & Funders in June 2022 at NJIT | Esther Surden
  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) held a Founders & Funders event that matched New Jersey startup founders with potential investors.
  • Founders in attendance told us that the event led to good, 10-minute conversations with investors.
  • The investors often offered guidance on founders’ pitches and business models, and on revenue streams that could help make them more attractive to investors for future funding.
  • Several of the founders we spoke to said that at least one investor had asked to hear more about their product or service.
  • We’ll have an article on the event shortly.

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