NJ-Connect Headlines for November Featuring Invidio, iCIMS, Archive Systems, Subcommune, and Kitira Media

Photo: Susan Vitale of iCIMS Photo Credit: Courtesy iCIMS
Susan Vitale of iCIMS | Courtesy iCIMS

(NJTechWeekly.com publishes a monthly roundup of selected, relevant stories that appeared on NJ-Connect, a website developed by the NJ-Connect Meetup group in Red Bank. The website aims to fulfill the same objectives of that group: raise awareness for technology companies and professionals in New Jersey and create a forum for those individuals and organizations to connect. These stories were published in November, 2013.)

Invidio to Release Inspired, New Web App to Shop Styles from Hottest Music Videos

Written by Megan Morreale  //  November 1, 2013

NEW JERSEY – Invidio launched its new web application, Inspired, which allows users to shop different looks and styles from the latest music videos.

The app features multiple artists including Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone, Avril Lavigne and many others. Organizing the videos and outfits by artist, the app allows the user to click on their artist of choice, watch the music video, and then browse through a list of outfits below.

iCIMS Announces Newest Power-Up – A Video Application Solution for HR Professionals

Written by Megan Morreale  //  November 19, 2013

MATAWAN – iCIMS announced its newest Power-Up, Video Cover Letter, to assist Human Relations (HR) Professionals in the candidate search process.

The best HR technology helps professionals to attract and screen qualified candidates quickly. It can identify top applicants while also achieving buy-in, giving them a moment to be heard.

According to a recent Aberdeen Report, video technology is one of the most powerful tools given to HR professionals, also giving candidates a hand in talent acquisition.

“We believe the easy-to-use video technology in Video Cover Letter is a game-changer that will cut costs and improve efficiencies for recruiters and hiring managers, allowing them to pinpoint top-tier talent more quickly and easily than before, while at prices small and medium businesses (SMBs) can absorb,” Susan Vitale, iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer said.

Archive Systems Launches New Document Management Solution, FileBRIDGE

Written by Megan Morreale  //  November 20, 2013

FAIRFIELD – Archive Systems, Inc. announced the release of FileBRIDGE, a complete document management solution to automate and govern paper and digital business documents.

The new solution provides a comprehensive paperless option that is backed by sound records management and information governance principles.

“We know that companies are in different stages of their journey from paper documents to digital documents.” Gordon Rapkin, CEO for Archive Systems said. “FileBRIDGE is composed of three core components, each of which plays an important role in the lifecycle of documents and bridge to digital. Now businesses have comprehensive platform on which to confidently advance their document program.”

Subcommune Launches SmartPhone App with Video Bookmarking Feature

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  November 25, 2013  

NEW JERSEY – Subcommune is the first smartphone application available for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to bookmark videos.

By bookmarking, the application indexes the last played position on any video file, and allows users to tag videos with subtitles to organize videos better.

“Video bookmarking is rare even on PC platform,” said Minkyu Koo, creator of Subcommune. “Few applications like KMPlayer have this function on PC, and we are pioneers in case of smartphone. We are introducing a few other new features as well, and eagerly waiting for user response.”

Propel +: Video Content and Ad Delivery Solution for Advertisers and Publishers

Written by Samantha Tartas  //  November 26, 2013

JERSEY CITY – Kitara Media recently announced Propel + , its latest video solution for advertisers, digital marketers and publishers.  The new platform provides an end-to-end solution to deliver video content, boost engagement, improve data intelligence and increase revenue opportunities.

“Video is changing both media and digital advertising experiences across online, social and mobile channels. We believe Propel+ addresses both publisher and advertiser objectives with optimized video content that further enhances both digital marketing ad campaigns,” said Robert Regular, CEO of Kitara Media.

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