NJ TECH CORNER: BIO-Key International, Inc.

Company Overview

Investment & Financial Information

BIO-key International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKYI) is a provider of biometric authentication and security solutions. In October, 2019, the company announced that federal government employees are using BIO-key’s Eco-ID, a compact fingerprint scan, for Microsoft Windows devices. Founded in 1993, the Wall-based company listed 15 full-employees as of Mar. 28, 2019. 

Shares of common stock outstanding (as of April 22, 2019, ): 14,071,688
Share price of stock (as of Nov. 8, 2019)   $0.56
Share price of stock (one year ago)   $1.25
Current valuation (as of Nov.8, 2019)   $7.88 million
Valuation one year ago   $13.34 million
Stock Symbol: (NASDAQ:BKYI)
Revenues (at year end Dec. 31, 2018)   $4.0 million
Revenues (at year end Dec. 31, 2017) $6.3 million
Net Income (Loss) (at year end Dec. 31, 2018)   ($6.8 million)
Net Income (Loss) (at year end Dec. 31, 2017)     ($4.2 million)

Management Team

Name Age Title
Michael W. Depasquale   64   Chairman and CEO
Cecilia Welch   59   Chief Financial Officer
Mira K. LaCous   57   Chief Technology Officer
James Sullivan   51   Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Board of Directors

Name Age Title
Michael W. DePasquale 64 Chairman and CEO
Robert J. Michel   62 Chief Financial Officer, Daxor Corporation
Thomas E. Bush III   66 Founder, Tom Bush Consulting; former Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation’s CJIS Division  
Thomas Gilly   59 Entrepreneur, investor and advisor for mobile and IoT products, digital media and social computing; former Executive, Apple Computer

Wong Kwok Fong
    55 Co-chairman of Board of Directors; Managing Director, BIO-key Hong Kong Limited; Co-Founder, China Goldjoy Group Ltd.
Yao Jianhui   47 Chairman and CEO, China Goldjoy Group, Ltd.; Chairman of Board of Directors, Baoneng Holding Co. Ltd.
Pieter Knook     58 Member, Board of Directors of private equity-backed and early-stage technology companies; former Director of Internet Services, Vodaphone Group; former President, Microsoft Asia
  Fabian Shin   47 Independent non-executive Director of several Hong Kong listed companies, former Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CMB International Capital Corp, Limited

Noteworthy Control

Name Shares of common stock owned % of total common shares
  Wong Kwok Fong   4,390,708 31.0%
  Giant Leap International, Ltd.        958,289   6.8%
  Micron Technology Development, Ltd.       2,178,484   15.5%

 [All information for NJ Tech Corner was taken from the company’s annual reports and proxy statements and other company sources, with the exception of the company’s stock price and valuation.]

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