No-Brainer for Tech Startups. Participate in People to Business Talent Network Meetup

Last year, attended an unusual networking gathering where tech startup companies who needed help were paired with experienced volunteers who could help them. The story about that event is here. At that time, we called the People to Business matchmaking event “remarkable.”

Participating in the event was a win-win for both parties. Startups got what they needed– perhaps a temporary CFO or someone to help with marketing or sales or even a developer—and unemployed marketing, advertising, financial and other execs got meaningful volunteer employment and a project to put on their resumes. If things worked out, they could wind up with a permanent client or on a startup team.

This year NJIT is repeating the process, in cooperation with the New Jersey Tech Council. The People to Business Talent Network Meetup will take place April 25th from 2PM to 6PM. The location is being withheld because this is not a job fair: all participants are screened prior to the event and matched to volunteer jobs or companies are matched to qualified volunteers.

The university, using funding from a grant from the N.J. Department of Labor and Workforce Development to the Technology and Entrepreneurship Talent Network,is looking for middle to top executive level professionals willing to volunteer time to work with small and early stage companies.

This is a perfect opportunity for individuals in transition to make a difference and help grow ventures from the ground up.  

The Talent Network is also looking for tech startups who want to pull talent into their young companies at no cost to them.

The beauty of this is that the people they meet will need little training. They are all experienced and can help. All a startup has to do is fill out a form about their workforce needs. A computer-assisted matching program will connect them with potential promising volunteers. The startups get to interview and screen their matches for compatibility, just as they would interview anyone for a job.

Individuals who want to volunteer to work at a startup apply here. After you’ve registered, then go to  to get the right match.

Startups who want to work with experienced talent, apply here.  After you’ve registered you also go to and create your job list.

Do it. You won’t regret it. The deadline to apply is April 12, 2013.

Need help? Contact: Lou Wagman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, NJIT EDC, 609.688.9252,, Judith Sheft, Associate Vice President Technology Development, NJIT 973-596-5825,, Donna Levan, Technology & Entrepreneurship Talent Network Director. 856-787-9700 x236,

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