So Far, TechLaunch’s New Cohort Companies Are All from Garden State

Photo: Mario Casabona of TechLaunch Photo Credit: Courtesy TechLaunch

Mario Casabona of TechLaunch | Courtesy TechLaunch

Clifton-based TechLaunch — the N.J. tech accelerator — announced that six members of its Spring 2014 cohort have started the LaunchPad3 program at the accelerator.

At Startup Weekend New Jersey which ended March 30, 2014, two more companies, Waddle and Shop Smart, became eligible for consideration to go into the program.

In a release, TechLaunch said,”all the new companies happen to hail from the Garden State, although that was not a pre-requisite for applying to TechLaunch. It’s simply an indicator of the high caliber of innovation and entrepreneurship alive and well in New Jersey.”

The confirmed members of this class are:

Animal Social Club – Animal Social Club is a unique, brand-focused trading card game that works as a customer loyalty platform. ASC members collect and trade branded digital cards earned through purchases from partner brands.

Fusar TechnologiesFusar Technologies is developing the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. By coupling a unique set of onboard sensors with a state-of-the-art, transparent heads-up display, the Guardian GA-1 smart helmet will elevate a rider’s situational awareness to unprecedented levels.

InspirityInspirity helps companies build their mobile brand starting with a conversion or creation of their websites for smartphones. The Inspirity system offer the quickest, easiest and most cost effective means to help SMBs jump into the mobile revolution and market their brands and products to consumers increasingly interested to make decisions on-the-go. [ covered Inspirity here.]

MobileArq MobileArq provides mobile and online apps that facilitate easier parent-to-parent and parent-to-school communication.  The goal for MobileArq is to empower fully engaged and better-organized parents, which will go far toward ensuring the success of their children. [ covered MobileArq here.]

Outdoor Exchange – Outdoor Exchange Inc. is a subscription-based, member driven lending service that allows members the ability to reserve valuable, quality outdoor gear in a wide variety of categories.

SHIELD Technologies – S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech Innovations provides college students with a unique solution that uses a key fob, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable the student to immediately and discreetly alert campus police of an emergency at the simple push of a button.

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