Sponsored: What Can We Learn From the iGaming Industry About Online Success?

By Luke Windsor

If you have not read the news recently, you are likely unaware that the online gambling sector is doing fabulously. It was one of the few winners of 2020 due to land-based establishments closing down for the better part of that year and governments imposing stay-at-home measures. One study from the University of Bristol published in May 2021 showed that frequent gamblers were six times more likely to bet over the internet once the pandemic-induced lockdowns began. Moreover, the latest expert projections state that this sector should keep growing at an annual compound rate of 11.4% in the years to come.

In the US, the number of states that allow casino-style gambling over the internet currently stands at five, with New Jersey leading the charge, posting record revenues each month. In July of 2021 alone, the Garden State generated $118 million from online casino activity. The search volume for terms like the best NJ online casino has grown considerably, as multiple European-based operators have launched gambling sites in Jersey in the past couple of years. So, more people than ever are into playing games of chance online.

Below, let us look at five lessons up-and-coming businesses can take away from the iGaming sector and its road to success.

Convenience Is King

No one needs interactive gaming to know that we have reached a point where everyone wants everything now. A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation showed that 83% of research participants crave convenience more now than five years ago. Thus, that alone is evidence that people’s attention spans are shortening. Online gambling relies on the concept of convenience, as that used to be the main appeal of gambling sites, that they let users play casino-style games from anywhere at any time. However, over the years, operators have had to look for ways to strip down their gambling platforms, making them even simpler for users. Hence, enter no registration casinos and different goodies that make gambling over the internet super easy. They are continuously looking for innovations in this department.

Customer Satisfaction Is Essential

Problems will arise when anyone uses a service for a prolonged period. Therefore, all businesses today must have ways to resolve customer issues quickly when they appear. Research shows that it is up to twenty-five times more valuable to keep existing users than looking for new ones, and customer satisfaction drives business. Gambling operators are well aware of this, which is why they were amongst the first online companies to introduce 24/7 live chat support. They also look to provide detailed FAQ pages that help users find solutions to their problems by themselves. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a gambling site that does not offer the golden support trifecta of live chat, email support, and a robust FAQ section. That said, merely having these options on hand is not enough. They have to be of adequate quality to keep everyone happy.

Users Love Rewards

Without a doubt, loyalty programs are the chief marketing ploy of the twenty-first century. According to a Merkle report, virtually all customers are willing to participate in rewards programs. Almost half of those that do, get frustrated at how long it takes them to earn perks. There is that need for instant gratification at play again. Interactive gaming platforms offer entry into point-collecting schemes to anyone willing to frequently patronize their sites. These systems allow for point accumulation via a player’s bet activity. The more points someone has in their balance, the better perks they attain. Once they hit a milestone, the bonuses activate instantly, and both casino and gambler are super pleased.

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