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Dear Reader:

Welcome to the beta launch of NJTechWeekly.com. Please take a look at our site. We hope you like it! Over the summer we will be fine-tuning the website to make it even better. Our goal is to bring members of the N.J. tech community closer together, to dissolve some of those silos where everyone in tech is working alone. If you know what your fellow N.J. tech company is doing, maybe you’ll be inspired to collaborate.

On our home page we’ll cover business news like mergers and acquisitions and the activities of many of the already established networking organizations in N.J. We’ll look at regulations and laws that might have an impact on the tech community. We also plan to cover the newly emerging “green tech” sector in N.J.

We’ll try to be there at tech meetups and venture capital/angel events to let you know what took place. Our Around N.J. page lists interesting technology happenings in N.J.’s towns, cities, universities and elsewhere.  Other pages detail jobs and upcoming events. We promise that we won’t discriminate between North and South Jersey in our reporting.

We welcome your input.  If you are participating in an event you think we should cover, let us know. If you have a subject you’d like discussed, email us. If you think we’ve missed the boat on a story, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Our contact information is on every page of this website: contact@njtechweekly.com or 973-403-0552.

Esther Surden, editor and publisher

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