Which 37 Early-Stage New Jersey Companies Are Receiving Grants from CSIT?

The New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) announced that 37 early-stage companies were awarded a total of $1,075,000 in funding as part of Round 3 of the Direct Financial Assistance Program (phases I and II), involving the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant programs.

And these are some very interesting startups. Look at our blurbs below for information about them.

CSIT has awarded a total of $1.9 million to 66 Garden State companies during the program’s three funding rounds.

Each of these early-stage companies is currently engaged in the federal SBIR and/or STTR programs. The awards will fortify the state’s innovation economy by giving these New Jersey-based businesses the strength and resources they need to be competitive when participating in federal programs.

The federal SBIR and STTR grant programs provide more than $3 billion each year to small businesses in a variety of technology and life-science areas with innovative ideas that meet specific federal research and development (R&D) needs.

The following companies received direct funding:

1Huddle(Newark): 1Huddle is engaged in developing training that is “45 percent faster and 1,000 percent less boring,” using games on a phone.

AG350 (Princeton): AG350 is a “developer of an assignment analytics platform intended to automatically grade assignments and provide feedback,” according to PitchBook. No website.

BioTillion(Skillman, Somerset County): The company is “revolutionizing the way samples are tracked in low temperature biobanks using RFID technology.” 

Blue Rock Solutions, Inc.(Williamstown, Gloucester County): The company has a product called “AquaTray” that captures and carries away water leaks in ceilings, aimed at data centers and museums, among other venues.

Celestron Technologies, LLC (Moorestown, Burlington County) No further information found. No website.

CloudJuncxion(Bridgewater, Somerset County): “CloudJuncxion’s patented scheme uses multiple heterogeneous public clouds – such as AWS, Google, and Azure – for secure storage of sensitive data. Documents are encrypted, fragmented, and dispersed across multiple clouds for unprecedented security. A data breach at any one of the clouds is inconsequential without access to fragments stored in other clouds.”

Culnexin Therapeutics (Princeton Junction, Mercer County): The company is engaged in biotechnology R&D. No website.

Dandelion Science Corp (Hoboken, Hudson County): “Dandelion is looking at the brain as a data processing engine. By targeting the data pathways, we have the potential to reimagine the way we treat the brain.”

Fabricated Software Inc. (Cedar Grove, Essex County): “The Fab-Connect Suite delivers
practical, cost-effective software to capture and distribute transactional documents across businesses of every size.”

Generation Biotech (Princeton, Mercer County): The company is involved in testing, and this includes the development of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that looks specifically for Omicron.

HiT Nano Inc. (Bordentown, Burlington County): The company produces advanced materials for energy storage, manufactured using a completely different particle technology.

Impact Business Information Solutions, Inc. (Princeton, Mercer County): “At IBIS, our EICON platform enables Clinical Research and Healthcare organizations to automate complex data workflows, deploy AI and deliver on tomorrow’s drivers of business performance, today.”

InnoSepra  (Middlesex, Middlesex County): “InnoSepra’s mission is to develop and implement transformational technologies with potential for gigaton scale carbon mitigation while providing very attractive returns to various stakeholders.”

Kathera Bioscience (Union, Union County):Kathera Bioscience is developing therapies to treat fungal infections that are a major cause of human disease due to rising numbers of infections globally.”

Knowledge To Own (Springfield, Union County): “Thinking about buying a home? We’ll match you with the right home buying programs in minutes.”

Manhattan BioSolutions (Fort Lee, Bergen County): “Manhattan BioSolutions is an emerging biotech company focused on the development of biologic therapies that target microbial recognition and inflammatory signaling pathways for the treatment of advanced, metastatic cancers. We develop innovative tumor-targeted drugs that selectively seek and destroy cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues.”

Marine Electric Systems (South Hackensack, Bergen County) “At Marine Electric Systems we combine the manufacturing expertise demanded to meet military and commercial specifications with the technology needed to meet the future.”

MindPrint Learning(Princeton, Mercer County): This company uses a cognitive assessment method developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine to provide tools that are tailored to all learners.

Misram LLC (Holmdel, Monmouth County): The company is engaged in edge computing “over mobile things, AI for low latency and resilient distributed edge computing,” as well as “video and sensor data analytics on the edge.”

NanoSepex(Newark, Essex County): NanoSepex is an R&D company focused on developing desalination technology for water treatment and reuse. The core technology involves system design and process optimization.

NeuroTechR3(Warren, Somerset County): NeuroTechR3 provides personalized rehabilitation solutions using Exergame technologies for improving hand and arm functions in individuals suffering from the effects of brain injury and musculoskeletal impairment.

One World Design and Manufacturing Group(Warren, Somerset County) “One World DMG has been a pioneer in patient and HCP education and training for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries.”

Palindrome Technologies(Hazlet, Monmouth County) “At Palindrome Technologies we bring a meticulous discipline to cybersecurity. We accomplish this through applied research, scientific analysis, and rigorous testing.”

Phoresis, Inc. (Princeton, Mercer County): No further information available. No website.

RadioSight (Hoboken, Hudson County): RadioSight is developing synthetic ultra-wideband millimeter-wave imaging for medical devices.

Regenosine (Jersey City, Hudson County): The company is “harnessing the healing potential of adenosine for tissue regeneration.”

Simphotek (Newark, Essex County): Simphotek is developing leading-edge products for light-based cancer therapy that have at least doubled the life expectancy of lung cancer patients, compared with the life expectancy under standard care, while effectively replacing radiation therapy for locally advanced head and neck cancers.

Speckodyne Corporation (Hamilton, Mercer County): “Our mission is to advance innovation, research and development in laser-based optical diagnostics, and to accelerate their transition to the market.”

StemPlant LLC (Camden, Camden County): According to a LinkedIn post, “StemPlant is developing a novel balloon catheter to deliver liquid therapeutic agents into the arterial wall during angioplasty procedures.” No website.

TEAM of Care Solutions(Fort Lee, Bergen County) “The company automates true teamwork across all team settings.”

Tendo Technologies(Princeton, Mercer County) The company is developing flow sensors for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); infusion pumps; and tube sets.

Additionally, the following six small businesses in New Jersey will each receive $50,000 in bridge funding grants, as they have successfully completed Phase I and have applied for Phase II of the federal SBIR and STTR programs.

  1. BANC3 (Princeton, Mercer County): BANC3 is developing radio frequency (RF) system solutions, including RF spectrum monitoring, specialized test equipment and hybrid digital receivers.
  2. Cell Podium (Newark, Essex County): Cell Podium is a digital solutions provider, developing products for emergency situations and safety. It is working on a hazardous material (HAZMAT) sensor stimulator that can reflect large-scale spills.
  3. Fuceltech Inc (DBA Princeton Innotech) (West Windsor, Mercer County): “Our focus [is] primarily in certain software as well as in related hardware. In the software areas, we work on machine learning/artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D imaging and related complex hardware subsystems involving sensors, processors, FPGAs etc.”
  4. Princeton NuEnergy (Bordentown, Burlington County): “We deliver innovative and sustainable energy and environmental solutions. Our current focus is on second-life battery solutions and closed-loop lithium-ion battery recycling.” 
  5. SubUAS LLC (Hillsborough, Somerset County): “We develop, produce and sell hybrid air/water unmanned vehicles capable of conducting inspection, reconnaissance and payload delivery missions faster, with less costs.”
  6. Venarum Medical, LLC (Eatontown, Monmouth County): This company is involved in the development of artificial valves for medical use. No website.


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