Which Startups Got Grants from the CSIT Catalyst Seed Grant Program? Part 1

This week, the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology (CSIT)  announced that it has awarded a combined $3.9 million in grants to 45 startups statewide through its Catalyst Seed Research and Development (R&D) Grant and Clean Tech Seed Grant programs. The awards will help these young companies accelerate the development of their technologies and transform their discoveries from research projects into commercially viable products and services, the CSIT said.

Below, NJTechWeekly.com lists the awardees of the Catalyst Seed R&D Grant Program that are NOT in drug development. We will post the drug development startups shortly.

Catalyst Seed R&D Grant Program
Applicant name (funding awarded), location. Then a description, if available (most information taken from company websites or other public sources):

  • AquaPao ($75,000), Princeton. According to Fast Company: “Princeton University postdoctoral researcher Xiaohui Xu and engineering professor Rodney D. Priestley were developing a jellylike material for use in artificial skin when they realized it could have another use: purifying drinking water.”
  • Arke Aeronautics ($75,000), Glassboro. According to Crunchbase: “Arke Aeronautics is a life-saving situational intelligence platform for first responders.”
  • Beyond Main ($75,000), Summit. Beyond Main provides on-demand access to your favorite local boutiques and other small businesses.
  • Discogen ($75,000), Harrington Park. Discogen is developing a treatment based on an ultrasound system that has been shown to stimulate and accelerate tissue repair and remodeling.  This technology was proven safe and effective in a placebo-controlled double-blinded study, and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Discogen is refining this technology and applying it to the treatment of intervertebral discs to provide symptomatic relief of both low back and leg pain.
  • Drone Go Home LLC ($75,000), Holmdel. Now called “AeroDefense,” the company provides solutions for detecting drones and pilots at correctional facilities, stadiums, critical infrastructure and other high-value targets. The company’s AirWarden Drone Detection System detects radio-frequency drone signals, locates both drone and pilot and alerts the appropriate personnel via text, email or command center console. Founded on the premise that drones are computers in flight, AeroDefense leverages internet security techniques to protect public safety and personal privacy from drone misuse.
  • envoyatHome ($75,000), Gibbsboro. Aimed at keeping the elderly safe, envoyatHome offers you insights and peace of mind by providing comprehensive behavioral monitoring for over 35 care concerns, including cognitive decline, safety, wellness, compliance with medical orders and the home environment.
  • HealRWorld ($75,000), Somerville. HealRWorld is a marketplace. “We’ve dedicated years to building a platform that would not just focus on profits, but would serve humanity at a time when we need it most.  We believe in the power of like-minded people joining forces to challenge the status quo. Small businesses are the backbone of global economies, but they cannot get access to capital they need to innovate and survive, particularly social-impact-led, diverse and women-owned enterprises.  But we can support them by directing our buying power, while making a difference in the lives of millions across our planet.”
  • Hindsight Technology Solutions  ($75,000), South Plainfield. “With our proprietary ‘Dynamic Content Optimization’ contextual technology, Hindsight is currently powering solutions for both advertisers and publishers.”
  • Innovations Unlimited ($74,999), Pennsauken. “We are a women-owned business founded by nurses Darleen Sawyer and Dorothy Owens. Our mission is to develop products designed to enhance quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.”
  • Li Creative Technologies ($74,909), Florham Park. This company is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence (AI), 3D audio, voice biometrics, advanced DSP, machine learning, natural language processing, noise reduction, array microphones and the voice control of internet-of-things devices.
  • Licentiam ($74,975), Chester. Licentiam is the next-generation renewal management, licensing and credentialing solution for healthcare professionals.
  • Spectronn ($75,000), Holmdel. This company specializes in edge computing over mobile things, specifically: AI for low latency, resilient distributed edge computing and video and sensor data analytics on the edge.
  • Nu Lightwave Logic ($72,550), Sicklerville. Nu Lightwave Logic will enable FM radio stations to incorporate video content into their broadcasts.
  • OLI Systems ($74,809), Parsippany. “From pioneering electrolyte scientific research and breakthrough software to fueling Industry 4.0, OLI has a proud history of tackling complex sustainability goals and operational efficiency challenges with thousands of applications across more than 500 clients globally.”
  • Phoresis ($74,976), Princeton. “The company aims to improve water purification with a new process offering reduced costs. Currently, 1.8 billion people worldwide drink feces-contaminated water, of whom half a million die from waterborne diarrhea annually. The proposed technology will also reduce capital costs in more developed areas, as it eliminates the need for pumps and filtration membranes.” Source: VentureRadar Research / Company Website.
  • RizLab Health ($75,000), Princeton. “Bringing complete blood count analysis to the patient’s fingertips using a wireless artificial intelligence-fired pocket-sized fully electronic analyzer.”
  • Serdiuk Industries ($75,000), Egg Harbor Township. Serdiuk Industries LLC has established a foothold in a niche technology market for drone/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/air taxi launching and landing operations aboard marine vessels and has been awarded a patent as of October 2021. This innovation consists of a Scalable 6 degree of Freedom Self Leveling Flight Deck/Platform to counteract marine vessel (or land vehicle) roll/pitch/yaw motion while conducting drone/UAV/air taxi launch and landing operations underway at sea.
  • Tendo Technologies ($75,000), Princeton. “With the use of novel EFV [Elastic Filament Velocimetry] technology, our miniature sensor is able to detect extremely low flow rates with high precision and measure temperature, all at a competitive price point.”

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