ZSL out with Two Apps Aimed at Microsoft Enterprise Users

ZSL, Inc., the Edison, N.J.-based company that won the Judges Award at the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) Mobile Application Forum in June, has released two enterprise-level apps that run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud software.

The apps are products of the company’s R & D division, called IDEA Lab, which acts as an incubator of sorts for the firm. Both apps can be extended for use on tablets and various smartphones that run on operating systems from Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc., Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM), Google Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.

The first app released today is called SmartPrise Migrator. It lets developers automatically convert legacy software applications written in PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic and ASP to applications that can be migrated to .NET, SQL and the Azure cloud.

ZSL says the software’s free Code Analyzer runs against legacy applications and generates a report that lets users determine how much effort would be needed to convert the program to the new platform. ZSL claims that companies can expect automatic conversion of 50 to 60 percent of the existing source code, which it says would save enterprises around 65 percent of the cost normally associated with a rewrite and migration.

A second application, SmartPrise Social CRM, integrates social networking into Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM program. The add-on delivers business information from social media outlets such as Hoover’s, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and associated with a particular account to one place and is meant to help the marketing, sales, customer support and management teams do their jobs better. ZSL says the application has intelligence analytics capabilities that leverage insights from social media to deliver reports, dashboards, scorecards and charts on social collaboration, sales performance and lead and demand generation.

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