Sponsored Post: Zoho Holds Educational Seminar Feb. 26 in West Orange.

Zoho, the California company that offers a suite of more than 40 business apps to help startups and small company’s run their businesses, is holding an educational seminar Feb. 26 in West Orange.

The company will be covering basics and best practices for running a business, and how Zoho can help in that process. During the event, they will show startups and small businesses how they can run their entire business online using ZohoOne, an integrated software suite.  The day will include free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well as time to network.

ZohoOne includes apps that deal with all parts of the business and they are available in mobile app versions and can run on web browsers.

For example, the sales suite includes a small business contact manager for very early companies as well as a CRM for companies that are farther along. There’s a motivator, that’s gamified, to help improve sales performance, an email client for sales, and a business analytics intelligence product. There’s even a website development module.

There are marketing apps to track campaigns, to post on social media, to create surveys, build forms, optimize web pages for engagement, and run successful events. To help support customers, ZohoOne has a multichannel help desk that prioritizes support requests. An assist module helps companies remotely troubleshoot problems for customers.

Collaboration tools include Cliq, a quick and informal messaging platform. There’s also a whole suite of tools that help with project planning, project management for agile teams.  ZohoOne has its own private social networking site for team discussions and sharing resources.

Productivity apps include a collaborative spreadsheet, a way to create beautiful slide decks, a way to sign documents electronically and request signatures, and a notetaking app. There’s even a Vault to store passwords. The list of apps goes on and on.

Please see here for more information and the agenda. Please see here to learn more about Zoho.

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