Spotlight on NJ Tech Startups: LLC's Mark Luckasavage, Part 2


This is the second part of our interview with Mark Luckasavage, founder and executive director of LLC. is a pre-funding startup based in Manalapan. The company came to our attention after it won the won the Smart City Mobile Application category award in the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) Mobile Application Forum, sponsored by Research in Motion Ltd. (Waterloo, Ontario). Mr. Luckasavage told he is getting ready to pitch his firm to angel investors for funding so he can expand the public-safety software as a service (SaaS) company nationally. Part 1 of this interview explored how got started. Here we look at the company going forward.

We understand you recently introduced a version of your software for college campuses.

Yes, I just installed the college version of the service in a community college in Pennsylvania and hope to have more college customers very soon. The concept is the same for both sectors. When there is an emergency and someone calls 911, a dispatcher answers the call and determines the course of action. Typically a security professional arrives at the crime scene and assists the person in trouble. Once the incident is completed, follow-up reports are created; however, in the college sector there are additional data fields that must be captured, such as whether the incident occurred on- or off-campus, and there are strict rules about who gets notified based on an incident priority. Colleges that receive federal money must adhere to the Clery Act, a statute requiring universities to disclose information about campus crime, and my software for colleges enforces those rules.

What are some other markets for your software?

According to CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc., there are 9,000 small- to mid-sized law enforcement agencies across the country. My current marketing campaign focuses on these agencies.

I know you have a Spanish-language version of the software services.

I am using a very robust application language and am able to internationalize and localize the service for several languages. I have a Spanish version of the software and had an opportunity to travel to Medellín, Colombia, last year to demonstrate the services to several police agencies. There is a project pending to set up a mobile command center using buses that will be deployed outside soccer stadiums. The system can also be translated to Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

Tell us more about the NJTC award.

I am extremely proud of this award in the Smart City Mobile Application category and to have been recognized by Research in Motion and the New Jersey Technology Council. The app was actually running on Windows 7. Basically it allows officers to use tablets to create incident, crash, DWI, citation and arrest reports in the field. When they get back to an Internet connection, they can synchronize to the main server database. I am a strong advocate of the advantages of Smart City Application deployment. The consolidation of disparate systems onto a single platform saves communities money and provides accurate real-time information to security professionals in the field. It also saves lives. It makes me very happy that my services are affordable and helping to protect our citizens.

Who are the professionals helping you with your business?

Early on, I realized my biggest legal concern is protecting my intellectual property (IP). I was lucky enough to hire Peter Laberee from Laberee Law PC (Medford, N.J.).  Peter is great to work with, as he shares my passion for my business. He has demonstrated his expertise with IP by developing some key documents I require to run my company.

What’s next for

My business is growing mostly as a result of conventions, word of mouth and my website. I want to go national. I’ll need to increase my sales and marketing to do that, so I have been thinking about outside investors. I have a candidate in mind to be my national salesman, and I want to establish regional “white label” resellers of my services; we would just be providing the engine. I am working with Peter to develop documents that will help us pitch to investors and take the business to the next level. My vision is for to be a secure portal where law enforcement agencies from across the world can access a quality public-safety system for a low monthly fee. If I do receive funding, I would also want to increase my advertising so that we could advertise in magazines and on websites like

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