Debuts its API at ‘All About the API’ Conference, loc­ated at the NJIT En­ter­prise De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter (Ne­wark), re­leased a new ver­sion of its ap­plic­a­tion pro­gram­ming in­ter­face (API) this Ju­ly, at TMC’s “All About the API” con­fer­ence and ex­hib­i­tion in Las Ve­gas.

Vognition Voice Controls Incorporated into Nexia Smart Home Products

Vog­ni­tion, the Oakland-based natural-voice-control startup that was incubated at the NJIT En­ter­prise De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter (Newark), has landed a big customer in Nex­ia (Broomfield, Colo.), a division of In­ger­soll Rand (Davidson, N.C.), which has included Vognition’s voice controls in Nexia Home Bridge.

At Fownders Pitch Event, Judges Provide Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new non­profit in­cub­at­or/ac­cel­er­at­or in Ne­wark called “Fownders,” and it’s ded­ic­ated to ment­or­ing young un­der­served tech en­tre­pren­eurs in the Ne­wark com­munity.On its web­site, Fownders says that its goal is to grow the loc­al star­tup eco­sys­tem by in­spir­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of en­tre­pren­eurs to start their busi­nesses earli­er and, in turn, help es­tab­lish Ne­wark as a hub for in­nov­a­tion.
Photo: Two Gateway Center, Newark Photo Credit: Courtesy 2 Gateway
Two Gateway Center, Newark | Courtesy 2 Gateway

In Newark, 2 Gateway Reemerges as a Destination for Companies “Who Need to Move Data”

Sit­ting on one of the spurs off the high-speed fiber line, which makes Ne­wark’s down­town so at­tract­ive to tech and tech-re­li­ant com­pan­ies, is 2 Gate­way Cen­ter, a build­ing that has been ren­ov­ated for the 21st cen­tury and is now look­ing for tech ten­ants. The own­ers of 2 Gate­way are aware that many of Ne­wark’s pos­it­ive at­trib­utes are well-kept secrets, but they don’t want 2 Gate­way to re­main a secret as well.

Catching up with Anthony Bongiovanni, Founder and CEO of Micro Strategies

In 1983, a then-23-year-old Anthony Bongiovanni eagerly pursued a career in mechanical engineering, but the growing popularity of personal computers quickly changed those plans. 

Why I Think The Acquisition is Disappointing for the NJ/NYC Tech Community

In 2012 the NJ Tech Meetup won the New Busi­ness of the Year award in Hoboken. Dur­ing my speech ac­cept­ing the award, I talked about Hoboken as be­ing uniquely po­si­tioned to be home to the next Google, Face­book, or Amazon. We have a great stand­ard of liv­ing, a lower cost of busi­ness than NYC, an ex­cel­lent uni­versity (Stevens) in town, a vi­brant tech com­munity, and, ob­vi­ously, a ri­dicu­lous prox­im­ity to NYC which makes re­cruit­ment and bizdev very at­tract­ive. I no­ticed that the mostly old-school room of busi­ness own­ers seemed dis­missive to the real­ity and im­pact of what I was sug­gest­ing.

5 Ways to Drive Lead Generation with Public Relations

Tech businesses today are faced with a lot of options on how they can create attention in a noisy marketplace. One of those strategies is a public relations program which can give your business a competitive edge.
Around New Jersey

Does the town next door have faster internet? This map will tell you

In the race for Internet speed, Gloucester and Cumberland are lagging behind. Data from the Federal Communications Commission highlights the disparities across New Jersey when it comes to broadband technology. The two counties lag on maximum advertised download speed, which 32 out of 39 New Jersey Internet Service Providers reported to the FCC. The median download…

N.J. bill would tax Airbnb, online rentals like hotels

TRENTON -- Online marketplaces such as Airbnb that offer short-term house and room rentals would be taxed like hotels under a proposal introduced in the state Assembly this week. The bill introduced by Annette Quijano (D-Union) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) would impose a 7 percent sales and use tax and a 5 percent transient accommodation…

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