The Tech Companies, Startups and Individuals That Call Newark’s Launch Pad Home

A coworking space is made up of its members, and on the day of the Launch Pad ribbon cutting we were able to find several tech entrepreneurs who wanted to talk to us about the space.

Newark Coworking Space Launch Pad Officially Opens with Ribbon Cutting, Jazz Band

The newest entry into the Newark coworking environment is Launch Pad, which joins =Space as a places where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses.   Located in the historic, reimagined Hahne & Co. build­ing, at the intersection of Halsey and New streets, upstairs from the Whole Foods there, Launch Pad has a beautiful 15,000-square-foot space with large tables for communal coworking, private offices, phone booths for private calls, conference rooms and a kitchen and café space. There are couches and lounge chairs, and the place is decorated with art.  

Biotech, Materials Science Startups Win Prizes at the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network Startup Conference

A 27-year-old Summit resident was one of three finalists selected from a pool of more than 30 rival startups at the 21st Annual Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network Startup Conference and Competition. In front of Gibbons sat professors, investors and alumni, as well as the other competitors.  
Photo: Thomas Pallack is CEO of SITO Mobile. Photo Credit: Courtesy Thomas Pallack LinkedIn
Thomas Pallack is CEO of SITO Mobile. | Courtesy Thomas Pallack LinkedIn


SITO Mo­bile Ltd. (NAS­DAQ: SITO) is a pro­vider of pro­pri­et­ary loc­a­tion-based mar­ket­ing in­tel­li­gence plat­form to provide ad­vert­ise­ment de­liv­ery, meas­ure­ment and at­tri­bu­tion ser­vices, and con­sumer in­sights to brands, ad­vert­ising agen­cies, out-of-house ad­vert­isers, me­dia com­pan­ies, and non-me­dia com­pan­ies that use con­sumer in­sights for stra­tegic de­cision mar­ket­ing pur­poses.  Foun­ded in 2000, the Jer­sey City-based com­pany has a work­force of 88 em­ploy­ees.   

Build Your Companies on Bedrock, Lidow Advises at Princeton Tech Meetup

We are over­em­phas­iz­ing the high-risk mod­el of en­tre­pren­eur­ship in our so­ci­ety, and thus cre­at­ing a lot of busi­ness fail­ures in our star­tup cul­ture, said Derek Lid­ow, Prin­ceton Uni­versity en­tre­pren­eur­ship spe­cial­ist and lec­turer, at a re­cent Prin­ceton Tech Meetup event.

Opinion: New Jersey’s Juniper OpenLab and Verizon Support the Community by Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

One of NJTech­’s favorite things to do is catch New Jersey tech companies in the act of giving back to the community. That’s why I spent a few hours in late April with Juniper Networks and Verizon at Ju­ni­per’s Open­Lab facility in Bridgewater.

Welcoming Propelify Attracts People from Different Industries, Many Identities: “Person on the Street” Interviews

The weather report for May 17 didn’t look promising for a waterfront festival in Hoboken. However, the tents being blown into the river and the locked warehouse full of furniture the night before didn’t stop the tenacity and determination of the Pro­peli­fy In­nov­a­tion Fest­iv­al hosts.
Around New Jersey

IT Centralization, Relationship Building Among Focuses For New Jersey CTO

Regime change is disruptive by definition, and New Jersey’s newest technology executive said that while the state will likely continue on a path toward consolidating IT infrastructure, his boss — Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy — has asked him to assess the progress made under the previous administration, and recommend a course of action

At Liberty Science Center, Data from NOAA Creates Vivid Simulations on Six-Foot Suspended Globe

he Liberty Science Center (Jersey City) is opening an exhibit at its new Weston Family Lab for Earth and Space Exploration to coincide with Astronomy Day (April 21) and Earth Day (April 22). The exhibit, “Science on a Sphere,” is a suspended sphere, six-feet in diameter,  that displays the Earth (or other planets) in brilliant detail. It was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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