Students and Community Members Shine at Ninth Newark Innovation Challenge

At the end of Novem­ber, NJIT, Cap­it­al One and the Great­er Ne­wark En­ter­prises Cor­por­a­tion sponsored the Ne­wark In­nov­a­tion Ac­cel­er­a­tion Chal­lenge, held at NJIT. This com­pet­i­tion, which has been run­ning for nine years, fea­tures stu­dent in­nov­at­ors and mem­bers of the com­munity who have po­ten­tially vi­able busi­nesses; the two groups com­pete in  sep­ar­ate tracks. The can­did­ates’ ap­plic­a­tions were ex­amined based on the busi­ness po­ten­tial of their pro­jects; then 10 stu­dents and 10 res­id­ents of the great­er Ne­wark area were se­lec­ted to pitch to the judges and to an audi­ence of in­ter­ested on­look­ers.

Company Roundup: Konica Minolta, iCIMS, Comodo and NB Ventures

This com­pany roundup in­cludes Kon­ica Min­olta which will be ex­pand­ing in Ram­sey, iCIMS which just bought a San Jose com­pany called Texr­Re­cruit, Co­modo, a cy­ber se­cur­ity tech com­pany and NB Ven­tures which of­fers pro­cure­ment soft­ware.

Wayside’s Simon Nynens Talks About Compassionate Leadership at NJ Tech Council Meeting

Si­mon Nynens, chair­man and CEO of Way­side Tech­no­logy Group (Eaton­town), has some news for lead­ers: Em­ploy­ees who feel cared for and have their needs met tend to be more pro­duct­ive and meet or ex­ceed sales goals. You don’t have to treat em­ploy­ees like chil­dren to get the best out of them. Nynens made his re­marks at a Novem­ber NJ Tech Coun­cil meet­ing that took place at Rus­sel Hall, the ren­ov­ated Ft. Mon­mouth build­ing that houses Vi Hub Cowork­ing and Teth­er­View.
Photo: Aaron Price interviews Chieh Huang at the NJ Tech Meetup. Photo Credit: Esther Surden
Aaron Price interviews Chieh Huang at the NJ Tech Meetup. | Esther Surden

Boxed’s Chieh Huang Talks Luck, Responsibility for Employees at December NJ Tech Meetup

At the Decem­ber New Jer­sey Tech Meetup, Aaron Price in­ter­viewed Chieh Huang, CEO and cofounder of Boxed ( New York) which star­ted in New Jer­sey. The wide-ran­ging con­ver­sa­tion covered Huang’s en­tre­pren­eur­i­al jour­ney, his repu­ta­tion as a com­pas­sion­ate lead­er, and some of the ins and outs of build­ing Boxed.

Interview with Jeff Weinstein: Sale of RightAnswers Came at Right Time in Company’s Evolution

Last April, Edison-based RightAnswers was sold to Upland Software for $17.2 million in cash at closing, a $2.5 million cash holdback and an earnout component. RightAnswers had a cloud-based knowledge management system used by customers to help streamline their customer support operations. The company was founded in 2001 by its chairman, Mark Finkel. In this article, we interview Jeff Weinstein, who was president and CEO of RightAnswers from 2002 through its acquisition.  

5 Mistakes Tech Entrepreneurs Make That Cost Them Equity

I’ve spoken with many en­tre­pren­eurs and one thing that keeps them up at night is the mis­take that costs him or her equity. We’ve come across quite a few of these with our cli­ents. For­tu­nately, with a little know­ledge and foresight, you can avoid mak­ing them. Know­ing what those mis­takes are and how to fix them could be the dif­fer­ence between burnout and pay­out.

What I Learned as an Intern at Bond Andiola & Company, a Tech-Enabled Accounting Firm

Have you ever wondered how technology is currently changing the way businesses operate? Well, I have had the opportunity to experience this first-hand during my internship at Bond An­diola & Com­pany (Flemington),  a tech-enabled accounting firm that beats ordinary traditional accounting firms when it comes to bookkeeping, invoicing, etc.
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As New Jersey Welcomes a New Governor, CTO David Weinstein Resigns

At noon on Tuesday, New Jersey will swear in Phil Murphy as its new governor. It means Gov. Chris Christie will depart and take his technology Cabinet with him. New Jersey Chief Technology Officer David Weinstein informed the state through an internal email last week he would resign effective Tuesday. With Murphy being a Democrat and Christie a Republican, a change in at the CTO position was expected. In an interview with StateScoop on Monday, Weinstein said his chief operating officer, Odysseus Marcopolus, will serve as an interim replacement. Colin Wood via StateScoop


Lawmakers Approve Massive Incentive Package to Try to Win Amazon HQ for Newark

If an ongoing push to lure online retail giant Amazon into building a new corporate headquarters in New Jersey ultimately proves unsuccessful, the lack of a lucrative corporate-tax incentive package being put on the table shouldn't be the reason why. State lawmakers yesterday gave final approval to a tax-incentive bill that would, among other things, provide…

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