Startup Roundup: AeroFarms, Jersey Entrepreneurial Moms, TaxDrop

New Jer­sey ag­ri­cul­tur­al star­tup Aer­o­Farms (Ne­wark), which has a ver­tic­al farm­ing op­er­a­tion, is us­ing a con­nec­ted food safety sys­tem from Dell and VM­ware (Pa­lo Alto, Cal­if.) to track the “growth story” of its products from seed to pack­age. Jer­sey En­tre­pren­eur­i­al Moms (Hazlet) is a net­work of New Jer­sey moms who own their own busi­nesses. This newly launched web­site fea­tures a busi­ness dir­ect­ory, blog, event cal­en­dar, mer­chand­ise and mem­ber­ship in ex­clus­ive Face­book groups.

Verizon Makes Case for Small Cells as Building Blocks to 5G at Demonstration in Warren

Last week, Ve­r­i­zon hos­ted the press and a num­ber of gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials at a demon­stra­tion of 5G cap­ab­il­it­ies in War­ren. The com­pany’s goal was to in­crease aware­ness of the need to bring 4G small cells to towns around New Jer­sey in or­der to lay the ground­work for 5G.

Jarrett Bauer Talks about Hoboken-Based Startup Health Recovery Solutions at NJ Tech Council Meeting

When Jar­rett  Bauer was in col­lege, his grand­moth­er — who had re­cently been in the hos­pit­al — needed to be re­ad­mit­ted rather quickly. That star­ted Bauer think­ing about hos­pit­al read­mis­sions and why they hap­pen. Later, Bauer looked at the Af­ford­able Care Act and thought it might present an op­por­tun­ity for him. Bauer is the cofounder and CEO of Health Recovery Solutions (Hoboken).
Photo: Stephen Waldis, founder and CEO of Synchronoss Photo Credit: Courtesy Synchronoss
Stephen Waldis, founder and CEO of Synchronoss | Courtesy Synchronoss

Synchronoss to Refocus on Communications and Media Businesses after Period of Uncertainty

After a peri­od of tur­moil, Syn­chro­noss Tech­no­lo­gies, the Bridge­wa­ter-based com­pany that built its busi­ness by solv­ing the phone-ac­tiv­a­tion prob­lems of mo­bile com­mu­nic­a­tions com­pan­ies, has found a way out of its dark hole.

Catching up with Darek Hahn, CEO of Cranbury-Based Dynamic Strategies, A “20-Year-Old Startup”

Darek Hahn is infusing his 20-year-old lifestyle company, Dy­nam­ic Strategies, with an entrepreneurial vision.Hahn took over as the Cranbury-based company’s CEO in 2016, after a group of investors bought out the company. Hahn has a startup background and describes himself as a “loving the startup world.”    

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: How To Source Great Content for Your Newsletter, Social Posting and more

In my NJ Tech Weekly art­icle, Por­tray Your Thought Lead­er­ship With a Data Sheet, I dis­cuss us­ing a con­sist­ent email data sheet/news­let­ter to show­case your ex­pert­ise as a tech­no­logy or­gan­iz­a­tion. Today, we’re talk­ing con­tent: how to fill your news­let­ter and so­cial posts with timely, in­ter­est­ing in­form­a­tion that your read­ers really want.

Restore funding to turbocharge N.J.'s research and development | Opinion

One need only to look at the top per­formers in the S&P 500 -- Amazon, Apple, Google par­ent Al­pha­bet and Face­book -- to con­firm an in­dis­put­able fact about our mod­ern eco­nomy: Tech­no­lo­gic­al in­nov­a­tion is the key driver of eco­nom­ic growth. Poli­cy­makers who ig­nore tech­no­logy's dis­rupt­ive im­pact on mar­kets,…
Around New Jersey

N.J. continues to use easily hacked voting machines

When New Jersey voters go to the polls this November to choose a replacement for Gov. Chris Christie, the technology they use will be woefully outdated and vulnerable to cyberattack.

Package of Three Bills Ratchets Up State's Renewable-Energy Goals

Earlier this month, a package of three bills to overhaul the state's energy policies was quietly introduced in the Senate. If adopted, the legislation would require 100 percent of the state's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2050. Another bill would set a target of having 3,500 megawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2030. The…

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