Healthcare Apps and Platforms Shine at Tigerlabs Startup Showcase, Part Two

In this second part a two-part story on Tigerlabs Startup Showcase, we cover TrueNorth Healthcare, Ralli, Wellth, NimbusGuru and TrueVault.Teams demoed their products to a nearly packed house of investors, consultants and mentors.

Healthcare Apps and Platforms Shine at Tigerlabs Startup Showcase, Part One

On Nov. 12, Tigerlabs (Princeton) hosted its "Startup Showcase," featuring healthcare apps and platforms.  Teams demoed their products to a nearly packed house of investors, consultants and mentors.This fall's platform companies hail from as close as Princeton, and as far away as California and New Mexico.  All of them had spent time in residence at Tigerlabs, honing their skills, learning from mentors and acquiring customers.

Yin and Yang of Fundraising Explored at LaunchNJ Life Sciences Meeting

At the Launch­NJ Life Sci­ences meet­ing on Oct. 10 at Kean Uni­versity, at­tendees from star­tup life-sci­ence com­pan­ies were treated to talks on the pleas­ures and the pains of fun­drais­ing.  Dis­cuss­ing the pleas­ures was Don New­man from the New Jer­sey Busi­ness Ac­tion Cen­ter. The pains were handled by Jar­rod Rhen with Withum­S­mith+Brown.
Photo: Screen shot of Jet Insider Page Photo Credit: Jet Screen Shot courtesy Tom Paine / Philly Tech News
Screen shot of Jet Insider Page | Jet Screen Shot courtesy Tom Paine / Philly Tech News

Marc Lore's Startup Jet Offers Equity To a Few People Who Bring in the Most Referrals

Jet, the New Jer­sey eco­m­merce star­tup foun­ded by Marc Lore, who sold his pre­vi­ous star­tup Quid­si (Di­, etc.) to Amazon, of­fers spe­cial be­ne­fits on its web­site to early signups to its Jet In­sider pro­gram: free mem­ber­ship, early ac­cess, and maybe even Jet stock. Via Tom Paine / Philly Tech News.

Looking through Tech Lens, Experts Give Glimpse of Future of Work at Einstein’s Alley Event

Dur­ing a dis­cus­sion about the fu­ture of the job mar­ket, on Nov. 12 at Rut­gers Uni­versity, two ex­perts gave audi­ence mem­bers in­sights in­to Amer­ica's com­ing eco­nom­ic and demo­graph­ic changes.

Eleven Things for the NJ Tech Community to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Here I come up with el­ev­en things for the NJ Tech Com­munity to be thank­ful for. Please add what you are thank­ful for, or if you dis­agree, let me know.

Opinion: Spread the Word about Google’s Solve for X in New Jersey and Apply by Dec. 1

In the past, New Jer­sey was known as a place for big ideas. I won’t go in­to de­tails about light bulbs and tran­sist­ors, but suf­fice it to say that the state has a leg­acy of game-chan­ging in­ven­tions here. Wouldn’t it be great if we could re­new that leg­acy? We now have the op­por­tun­ity to do so. Google is look­ing for some “moon­shot” pro­jects that it can pro­mote, and it wants ap­plic­ants from New Jer­sey. This is the web­site that will tell you all about it. If you know any­one work­ing on a big idea, spread the word. The dead­line is Dec. 1.
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Twenty-five years after the dawn of the Internet, the first data released on technology in local homes shows how ubiquitous computers and broadband Internet access have become in New Jersey, as well as the wide gap between wired and unconnected based on income. More than 86 percent of New Jersey households had a computer -- desktop,…

HackRU Showcases Student Inventions

“HackRU Fall 2014” took place Oct. 11 to 12 in the College Avenue Student Center. Around 800 hackers, students, mentors and others attended, according to event director Sam Agnew, a School of Arts and Sciences senior. Story via The Daily Targum

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