New Approach to Cancer Therapy Takes Top Prize at Innovation Forum

Sev­en teams pitched at the Prin­ceton In­nov­a­tion for­um. Only one of the win­ners was in the di­git­al area, and that was Pulse­Pod wich uses sensors for in-field mon­it­or­ing of crop health and provides de­cision sup­port tools that can in­ter­pret the data from that mon­it­or­ing.

Jim Barrood Leading New Jersey Tech Council Trade Mission to Cuba

In what can be termed a first for New Jer­sey and the re­gion, Jim Bar­rood, pres­id­ent and CEO of the New Jer­sey Tech Coun­cil, will be tak­ing a del­eg­a­tion to Cuba in April to talk to lead­ers there about mu­tu­ally be­ne­fi­cial op­por­tun­it­ies.

New Jersey Holding On to Its Tech Jobs, Highly Paid Workforce, Report Says

New Jer­sey’s tech in­dustry ranks 10th in the na­tion, with its com­pan­ies em­ploy­ing 204,400 work­ers in 2014, ac­cord­ing to num­bers re­leased by the Com­put­ing In­dustry Tech­no­logy As­so­ci­ation (CompTIA).  
Photo: N. Robert Hammer of CommVault Photo Credit: Courtesy CommVault
N. Robert Hammer of CommVault | Courtesy CommVault

Changes in the Executive Suite, Reorganization at CommVault Signals Growth Initiative

Com­mVault, the Tin­ton Falls com­pany that makes Sim­pana data man­age­ment soft­ware, has re­or­gan­ized and beefed up its ex­ec­ut­ive suite with new hires from tech power­houses such as Or­acle, SAP, Mi­crosoft and EMC.

16 Best Tech Companies to Work For in New Jersey via NJ Biz

Each year, NJ Biz puts to­geth­er a list of the 100 best com­pan­ies to work for in New Jer­sey. This year’s list con­tains 16 tech or tech-re­lated com­pan­ies. The top com­pan­ies to work for will be an­nounced and ranked April 30, at an awards event.

Safes: Not For Everyone, But They Don’t Try To Be: SPONSORED POST

We are in early days for SAFEs – Simple Agree­ments for Fu­ture Equity, the new­est meth­od by which in­vestors can fin­ance start-ups they view as The Next Big Thing – but even with re­l­at­ively few pre­cincts re­port­ing in, the vot­ing pat­terns are start­ing to be­come clear.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Want to create opportunities for your B2B business? Here’s How to Start a LinkedIn Group

You’re a savvy B2B tech­no­lo­gist—why not con­sider tap­ping in­to the power of so­cial com­mu­nic­a­tions by start­ing an on­line com­munity through a Linked­In Group. Some of the most pro­duct­ive groups on­line are tech­no­logy based, and your group, too should fo­cus on a top­ic of value for your audi­ence.  
Around New Jersey

Jersey City Techies Tackle Port Authority's Data for PATH Stations

Jersey City coders tried to shed light on Port Authority data at a hackathon aimed at resolving questions about PATH nightly ridership.

Russian National Pleads Not Guilty in International Hacking Scheme

NEWARK — A Russian national accused of plotting the largest computer hacking scheme ever prosecuted in the U.S. pleaded not guilty today during his first appearance in a federal courtroom. Among companies hacked was N.J.-based Heartland Payment Systems.

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