Summit Startup PlaceCodes Growing Through Partnerships with Local Towns, Downtown Development Organizations

A lot has happened to Sum­mit-based tech star­tup Place­Codes since NJTech­ covered the star­tup in this “10 Ques­tions” art­icle last year. Busi­ness is boom­ing at the grow­ing com­pany, which has pivoted and found a niche where it be­lieves it can be very suc­cess­ful.

Princeton Professor Brings 3-D Audio to Princeton Tech Meetup

A tech­no­logy that can al­low you to listen to a re­cord­ing and hear every in­stru­ment in an or­ches­tra as though you were sit­ting in an ideal sweet spot in the audi­ence was demon­strated at the Prin­ceton Tech Meetup (PTM) in Septem­ber.

Vydia Nabs $1.15 Million in New Funding and Sets Sights on Growth in New Jersey

On Oc­to­ber 4, Vy­dia, a New Jer­sey-based video mon­et­iz­a­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion star­tup that had been based en­tirely in Holm­del at Bell Works, an­nounced that it had re­ceived $1.15 mil­lion in fund­ing, which was in ad­di­tion to $750,000 pre­vi­ously ac­quired in con­vert­ible debt.
Photo: Mark J. Alles, CEO of Summit-based global pharmaceutical company Celgene Photo Credit: Esther Surden
Mark J. Alles, CEO of Summit-based global pharmaceutical company Celgene | Esther Surden

Celgene’s Alles Talks About Risk-Taking in Business at NJ Tech Council Leadership Summit

Risk-tak­ing as a part of lead­er­ship was on the mind of Mark J. Alles, CEO of the Sum­mit-based glob­al phar­ma­ceut­ic­al com­pany Cel­gene, when he gave the key­note speech at the NJ Tech Coun­cil Lead­er­ship Sum­mit on Oc­to­ber 5.

Asbury Agile 2016 Brings New York Vibe to the Jersey Shore

Two hun­dred folks who work in tech­no­logy, are dazzled by design or love en­tre­pren­eur­ship came to the Jer­sey shore earli­er this month for As­bury Agile, a full-day con­fer­ence that "doesn't take place in New York or Phil­adelphia, but right here in As­bury Park," said Bret Mor­gan, one of the con­fer­ence hosts.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Maximize the Reach of Your Expert Content

By now, most tech­no­logy mar­keters know that cre­at­ing ex­pert on­line mar­ket­ing con­tent, in and of it­self, is just not enough. Qual­ity con­tent is a crit­ic­al first step—that much is clear. But what good is in­sight­ful con­tent if it’s not be­ing read?

Opinion: Evaluating NJ's Cyber Infrastructure for Big Data and Beyond

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee passed a bill that would encourage improvements in the state's infrastructure for big data and help grow the information technology industry.
Around New Jersey

N.J. took $1.4B from your phone bill for new 911 system but never delivered

In the fall of 2013, shoppers at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus fled in terror as a man with a rifle stalked the halls. Police officers, going through each store one by one, rescued dozens of people with no injuries. But what if those in the mall could have given police an eye into…

NJ Looks to Capitalize on New Federal Subsidies for Solar

The state is moving to overhaul its program to promote solar energy, a step proponents say will reap "maximum benefits" from new federal incentives to bolster the technology. A bill (S-2276) scheduled to be considered by the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee tomorrow, would sharply ramp up the deployment of solar systems in New Jersey over…

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