Interview with Ethan Chazin, Author of “The Compassionate Organization”

Ethan Chazin has been helping members of the New Jersey tech ecosystem since he began his consulting practice in 2009. He is a frequent attendee of the NJ Tech Meetup. As a past contributor to, he has written convincingly about the need to bring innovation to organizations. With his latest book, he addresses the problem of how companies can attract and keep talent by becoming “compassionate organizations.”

10 Fastest Growing Tech and Tech-Related Companies in New Jersey Via NJ Biz

NJB­IZ pub­lished its list of New Jer­sey’s 50 fast­est grow­ing com­pan­ies in its Novem­ber 20 is­sue. Some 18 of them are tech or tech-re­lated. The com­pan­ies were ranked by rev­en­ue growth over a three-year peri­od.

Company Roundup: Vidyo, Verisk, Ameri100, Opengear

The Vidyo (Hack­en­sack) board of dir­ect­ors has named Mi­chael Pat­salos-Fox chair­man and CEO, ef­fect­ive im­me­di­ately.  Ver­isk Ana­lyt­ics, a Jer­sey City data ana­lyt­ics pro­vider, an­nounced that Lee M. Shavel had been named ex­ec­ut­ive vice pres­id­ent and CFO. Amer­i100 (Prin­ceton), also known as AMERI Hold­ings, an out­sourced pro­vider of IT ser­vices to SAP cus­tom­ers, raised $6.08 mil­lion. Net­work­ing com­pany Opengear (Pis­cat­away) an­nounced in late Novem­ber that it had ap­poin­ted Wil­li­am Lever­ing as CFO.
Photo: NetElixir founder and CEO Udayan Bose Photo Credit: Esther Surden
NetElixir founder and CEO Udayan Bose | Esther Surden

Catching up with NetElixir’s Udayan Bose: Expanding Nationally to Capture Opportunity

NetElixir, a Prin­ceton-based search mar­ket­ing agency that fo­cusses on e-com­merce di­git­al search, has plans to ex­pand its brand and foot­print na­tion­ally. “Over­all, our com­pany has been do­ing quite a bit. We’ve been lucky to have some great team mem­bers who have driv­en our growth; 2017 has been a great year for us,” founder and CEO Uday­an Bose told us in an in­ter­view.

Sorin Tells EDC Venture Summit the Times are Ripe for Massive Economic Disruption

In his key­note at the NJIT EDC Ven­ture Con­fer­ence last month, Dav­id Sor­in made a strong case that the world of work is poised for dra­mat­ic change. The cur­rent tech tsunami cre­ated by ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence, ma­chine learn­ing, vir­tu­al and aug­men­ted real­ity, ro­bot­ics, the in­ter­net of things and ad­vances in block­chain and crypto­cur­ren­cies will ser­i­ously upend busi­ness prac­tices and con­sumer be­ha­vi­ors, he said. 

Murphy Goes All in on Technology as Means to Rehab NJ Economy

Phil Murphy With a little more than a month to go be­fore Gov.-elect Phil Murphy is sworn in­to of­fice, the pace of his trans­ition ef­fort is be­gin­ning to ramp up. In re­cent weeks, Murphy has filled a num­ber of key po­s­i­tions in his in­com­ing ad­min­is­tra­tion, and now more than a dozen…

Sponsored Post: Issuer, Beware! The SEC (and Others) Are Carefully Watching ICOs

With the ad­vent of block­chain tech­no­lo­gies and re­lated ser­vice com­pan­ies, many star­tups are em­ploy­ing or ex­amin­ing a new way to raise cap­it­al: ini­tial coin of­fer­ings (ICOs). Many of these ICOs are be­ing con­duc­ted out­side the scope of se­cur­it­ies laws and reg­u­la­tions, re­ly­ing on the pre­sump­tion that the in­stru­ments be­ing offered (re­ferred to al­tern­at­ively as coins or tokens) are not se­cur­it­ies and, there­fore, are not sub­ject to the reg­u­lat­ory re­quire­ments ap­plic­able to se­cur­it­ies of­fer­ings.
Around New Jersey

How Much did Hacker who Tortured Rutgers Cost the School?

The mystery is solved. The enigmatic hacker who repeatedly crashed Rutgers University's computer network between 2014 and 2016 -- then taunted campus officials online for their weak cyber security -- was one of the school's own students. Paras Jha, 21, admitted in federal court Wednesday that he was behind the series of cyber attacks that shut…

Around New Jersey Roundup: Audible, NPower and AT&T, Comcast, Samsung

Audible gives 15,000 Newark high school students free memberships and Amazon Fire tablets. AT&T donates $30,000 to NPower for veteran tech education. Comcast will invest $13 million to expand its fiber network in New Jersey. Samsung names five N.J. schools as finalists in its Solve for Tomorrow contest.

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