Introducing the New NJTechWeekly Website!

It’s been a long time coming, but now has an updated and modernized website, created with a lot of help from our friends.

Over the years I’ve heard from more than one reader about improving the website and many startup founders have volunteered their help to me to update the site. I hope you’ll find that the new website has a cleaner more interesting look and will work well on your smartphones. Please forgive us during the next week, if things are not rendering well or if you have any problems accessing stories. Let me know. I am all ears. Email us at Or contact us on our Facebook page, on Twitter (@njtechwkly) and on LinkedIn.

Many thanks go out to Vince Randolph of Sociosmith and his team in Newark who worked to design the new site. You can see more of Vince’s work if you click the Sociosmith link above. Vince didn’t know what he was getting into when he volunteered his services to help the New Jersey tech ecosystem. This wasn’t a simple site to design!

Also, many thanks to Greg Katz who worked over a long period to make sure the database of older articles successfully uploaded to the new site along with all the photos and that you could still click links to older articles and get to them on the new site.  Greg also put in the final touches so this site could be ready to launch, all while keeping the old website going on AWS. He is a constant source of inspiration to me.

We hope you like the new events page. Over the years our events page has been the most popular part of this website. The new site, which can be viewed as a calendar or a list, should give you more information about each of the events you might want to attend.

Note the new logo and our new slogan, “The Voice of New Jersey Tech.” Our old catch phrase, “Growing Tech in the Garden State” worked when the state was struggling to create a tech and startup industry.

However, I believe that New Jersey is heading into some exciting years for innovation fueled by the emphasis the state is putting on tech to revitalize the economy. We are happy to be along for the ride.

As we have for the last seven years, we’ll be talking about the startups, established companies, entrepreneurs, CEOs, meetings, meetups and technologies that make New Jersey great and we’ll be cheering as you bring tech jobs to New Jersey. We will be, as we have been, the voice of New Jersey tech.

I’d like to thank all of our sponsors who have supported through thick and thin. Current long-time sponsors include McCarter & English, Stevens Institute of Technology, the New Jersey Innovation Institute and Saint Peter’s University. We’ve enjoyed sponsorship from many others over the years including Monmouth University and Juniper Networks. We look forward to more of you supporting our mission.

Our final thank you is to our readers. You are the heart of NJTechWeekly and I do this for you. Each time you stop me at a meeting and tell me you like the newsletter, each time you mention a great story we produced, or that the site helped you get a job or connect you with a like-minded founder, I’m gratified. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and for your loyalty.

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