NJ Using Biometrics to Monitor Homeless Services

According to an article by Brian Heaton on the Government Technology website, the State of New Jersey is deploying a biometrics data management system that includes a Web-based fingerprinting component. Once online, the system will let state officially track who is receiving homeless services and the types of services they are getting.

The project is modeled after a program already being used in Bergen County and will start with five locations that will serve as beta sites for three months. The Bergen County system requires that the fingerprint scans be manually uploaded, but the statewide system will upload fingerprints in real time.

If the program is successful, the article says,  the Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency will offer the technology to 224 county and nonprofit organizations that provide homeless services in the state. Gaining accurate information about the homeless and the services they use is essential for agency funding, the article said.

Biometrics Improves Homeless Services in New Jersey

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