Piscataway Startup AzureDesk Has Help Desk Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Photo: Roma Shah of AzureDesk Photo Credit: Courtesy AzureDesk
Roma Shah of AzureDesk | Courtesy AzureDesk

AzureDesk (Piscataway) offers cloud-based help desk software aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. According to Roma Shah, cofounder, the software has all the “must have” features of enterprise-class systems for help desks at a minimal cost to users. 

Shah told us that both the product and the new startup grew out of an integration service she runs that connects cloud-based applications. That company had trouble with its customer support operations. 

“We have quite a few paying customers, and like any other business we have to field and answer customer queries daily. Initially, we used email to manage customer tickets through a complicated system of filters and automatic replies. That didn’t scale up very well, and we were stressed out about a customer query going unanswered.”

The company would painstakingly reply to each customer query through email, instead of using a knowledge base. This was a bad idea. Customers increasingly prefer self-service. In fact, as Shah pointed out, a survey by the research firm Forrester (Cambridge, Mass.) found that the percentage of people choosing self-service as an option instead of email or talking to an agent rose from 67 percent in 2012 to 76 percent in 2014.

Shah and her team decided to build their own help desk solution, and they are now marketing it. She noted that they have been using that solution in-house for several years, getting the bugs out and making sure all the features were working, before offering it as a product.

Some of the features of the AzureDesk software include: a ticket management system, the ability to convert support email into support tickets, support for an unlimited number of email addresses, a help center to handle customers questions when someone isn’t there to respond, integration of multiple applications (including CC agent/customer notifications), translation ability, JIRA and Slack integration and reports on customer interaction and team performance. There is also a help link that explains how to use the product.

The company officially launched the product on November 1, and is providing 14-day free-trials for users who want to try AzureDesk out before making a decision. The first 20 companies signing up from New Jersey will receive the help desk software for one year. To receive this discount email support at AzureDesk.com.

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