Top 5 News Stories on New Jersey Tech Weekly in 2014

Photo: Investors met with startups at the HatchNJ event sponsored by the NJ Tech Meetup and The Hatchery.
  Photo Credit: Esther Surden
Investors met with startups at the HatchNJ event sponsored by the NJ Tech Meetup and The Hatchery.
  | Esther Surden

1.     For the New Year, Entrepreneurs and Academics Offer One Piece of Advice to NJ Startups, by Esther Surden, Jan. 3

By far the most popular story this year, these brief interviews with New Jersey CEOs, other executives and academics were reposted widely.

2.     How Superstorm Sandy Created a New Breed of NJ Online Citizen Journalists on Facebook, by Bonnie Delaney, May 13

Produced as part of a micro-grant from the New Jersey News Commons, at Montclair State University, this story was one of three on the importance of technology in the Jersey shore’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

3.     Phorum 2014, to be Held April 10 During Philly Tech Week, Has Powerful List of Headliners, by Tom Paine, Philly Tech News, March 21

Everyone seemed to be interested in this annual Philadelphia conference, which attracts top talent.

4.     Jury Awards $20 Million to Continuant in Suit Against Former NJ Company Avaya, by Esther Surden, April 1

This David vs. Goliath story captured the interest of readers. Most of the action happened in New Jersey, while Avaya was still based in the state.

5.     Startups, Investors Give Thumbs Up to Hatch NJ Hoboken “Speed Dating” Event, by Esther Surden, April 30

The event was sponsored by NJ Tech Meetup and The Hatchery (New York). The room was abuzz with enthusiasm as startups took advantage of very short time slots to become acquainted with investors. Investors were equally interested in the startups who attended,  and many of them wanted to learn more.

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